The Walker Brothers

The Walker Brothers


The Walker Brothers, led by singer/songwriters Jay and Joseph Walker, officially formed in St. Olaf College during the Spring of 2009. The brothers grew up in Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Curacao, and Spain. With varied tastes, the brothers create a mix of pop, rock, latin, blues, and funk rhythms.


Joseph and Jay Walker began The Walker Brothers in the Spring of 2009. Playing mostly originals, their early sound was mostly an acoustic blend of cuatro (Venezuelan four string guitar) and melodica playing in a folky style. As The Walker Brothers started playing more and more concerts in nearby events, pubs, and clubs, their repertoire included more covers even though the songwriting was always a basic part of the band.

As the 2009-2010 school year started, The Walker Brothers have a new crew, playing more blues, rock, and funk grooves, mixing Americana, folk, and latin rhythms.

After recording a demo, Get to Know You, The Walker Brothers seek to expand their audience while continually improving their songwriting abilities and having lots of fun playing music and sharing it with others.


Get to Know You

Written By: Jay Walker

I'd like to see the world from your eyes,
See your perspective of the world around us.
And if you come with me I'll show you mine
With flowers in the moonlight smiling at us.

A simple fantasy to get to know you.

I'd like to know the mixture of your heart,
The chemistry that makes you who you are.
And if you come with me I'd like to show you
The phrases and the bar lines of my life.

I'd like to show you music and get to know you.

Suddenly, today,
I felt like writing you a song
So that I could talk to you
Even though you were away.

And I know it might be simple
But I'm hoping you'll hear it anyway
So that I can tell you
How I feel.


Demo- Get to Know You

Set List

Cold, Cold Wind- Joseph Walker
Get to Know You- Jay Walker
Three Marlenas- Wallflowers
Talk to Your Daughter- Robben Ford
Folsom Prison Blues- Johnny Cash
Superstition- Stevie Wonder
Stuck in the Middle- Stealers Wheel
Caraluna- Bacilos

And other originals and covers depending on the occasion/set