The Walking Continent

The Walking Continent


We are a five piece band from Scotland. We play experimental rock music as loud as possible and energetic, unpredictable live shows. Our sound is built up of massive guitar layers to make a full, epic wall of sound on stage and on record.


It's Monday night at the Captain's Rest in Glasgow, and Joseph Cardle is worried. There's three feet of snow outside with no signs of stopping. The room's nowhere close to full. Most worrying of all, his mother is in attendance. She will probably hate this: the last concert she went to was The White Stripes several years ago. Nothing will have prepared her for this.
Time to begin the set, the room fills up, Jamie strikes the opening chords of After Ten Years. The sound is like a sonic blast. Joseph's Mum jumps three feet in the air. A large percentage of the room would later describe it as the loudest show they'd been to in a while. Several songs, cheers and chants later, the set ends, the band and the audience exchange smiles, and Joseph can't stop laughing. Through all the worrying, he secretly loves it more than anything.

Set List

Spring 2009 Mini-Tour Set List:
Oh Gawd!!! Intro
After Ten Years...He's Back
I'll Cross Reference You Into Next Week
E.T's Big Adventure Part I
E.T's Big Adventure Part II
Hand of the Automaton/Hand of Satan
Machine Gun Then Eight

We haven't played any covers live so far, mainly because we're really bad at them.