The Walk Ons

The Walk Ons

 New York City, New York, USA

A high-energy, melodic lovechild of The Killers, Kings of Leon, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand and The Hold Steady, with some Elvis Costello and late-era Clash thrown in.


New York City anti-heroes, The Walk Ons, kick out supercharged, “hookriddled rock” that plays on in your head long after your ears stop ringing.

Infusing elements of garage-rock and power-pop bands like Weezer, The Strokes, The Killers and The Clash, The Walk Ons play tube-screaming party rock that’s dirty enough to thrill your girlfriend, but clean enough to show your mom.

The Walk Ons signed to Brooklyn’s Drug Front Records in 2009 while recording their most recent release “We Did This On Purpose.” This 5-song EP offers some of the band’s most richly-textured and experimental tracks to date, including the integration of synthesizers and strings, and intricate backing vocals. Opening track “Forget You” is a KISS-meets-Electric Six dance-rock anthem, sure to get bodies moving. The crunchy, overdriven rocker “Can’t Be Satisfied” is aptly featured on a forthcoming compilation from Classic Rock Magazine.

Over the past couple of years The Walk Ons unleashed their frenetic live show all over the Northeast and Midwest, including a riotous, sold out one-night stand at Mercury Lounge opening for Black Taxi, a glorious daytime gig at the Harvard Square Oktoberfest, and an all-ages free for all at Hartford’s Webster Theater opening for the English Beat. They have shared bills with Earl Greyhound, Drug Rug, Fan Tan, Pow Wow, MiniBoone and The Bamboo Kids. Comfortable on any stage, in front of any crowd, in the words of Fox News/Palestra “The Walk Ons won’t disappoint.”

The Walk Ons’ recordings have graced the airwaves of indie, college and commercial radio, including spins on New York’s number-one rated rock station, Q 104.3. Their songs have drawn comparisons to everything from Elvis Costello to Franz Ferdinand to The Kings of Leon. And they are just fine with that.


Forget You

Written By: Wedo/Daglian/Donlon/Still

You hunting like a tigress
Cloaked by green from the blizzard cold
You wearing that red dress
Dive bar lights shine blue and gold
You throwing out glances
Heels down south and a mind in space
You making advances
Labyrinth heart with a pretty face

Never dream of keeping you
Tell you what I'm gonna do

Yeah yeah yeah forget you now baby
No regretting you just forgetting you
Yeah yeah yeah forget you now baby
No regretting you just forgetting you
Hey hey just for one night
I don't need a line to remember to
Hey hey hold you so tight
I won't have to lie and remember you

You starring in your own show
Hitting those marks and turning heads
You acting like you don't know
Watch men rush to prepare their beds
You dancing on by them
Plastic heroes in a game you play
You loving like an island
Beautiful, close yet far away

Never dream of keeping you
Tell you what I'm gonna do

Yeah yeah yeah forget you now baby
No regretting you just forgetting you
Yeah yeah yeah forget you now baby
No regretting you just forgetting you
Hey hey just for one night
I don't need a line to remember to
Hey hey hold you so tight
I won't have to lie and remember you

Can't Be Satsfied

Written By: Daglian/Donlon/Wedo/Still

Idleness is fine for a while
But I find my mind is too wired

I can’t keep still
I’ve got a will to move
And I feel it every time

A dogged pull
A feeling less than full

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me
I think of all the things I cannot be
I can’t be satisfied

I hit a rut and I’m antagonized
I live a dream but I fantasize
I can’t be satisfied

People say we got everything
We live a life of warm luxury

But lurking under
All we plunder there’s
An itch that can never be found

Feeds our doubt
And sends us out at night

State of Affairs

Written By: Daglian/Donlon/Wedo/Still

Downstairs at 6:05
Put my head up, feel alive
Can’t shake the feeling though that something’s not right

A quiet slink away
A good morning to the day
Wearing the clothing that I had on last night

A cocktail we enjoyed
Intemperance we employed
A naïve notion that we had it laid bare

A dim-lit mystery
Not to be left unseen
Though through a haze when we finally got there

I know it’s incorrect
Indecent, decadent
We’re both sinners in this state of affairs

You got no history
You got no misery
You’re a fresh face in this vanity fair

And now I’m a mess
I need your tenderness
But I can’t take all this changing your mind

Leave me an alibi
Give me a real goodbye
I’m an orphan in a world that’s unkind

I guess I never had a prayer
in this state of affairs

You hold my heart but you don’t care
And it just isn’t fair

I need to rest
I need to rest
But I can’t get home

When We Were Together

Written By: Daglian/Donlon/Wedo/Still

When we were together
I felt wild and alive
We held captive every eye

Rambling down the high street
Feeling fine in the sun
Never time for cloudy skies

When we caught the moment
Nothing dampened our hopes
Not a chance to second guess

When we found some time to kill
And we lacked lust or thrills
That when things began to die

When we fell together
We went all the way down
Nothing slowed us but the ground

Now we’re not together
And I’m lost in a haze
Waste my precious time away

Ready to Leave

Written By: Daglian/Wedo/Donlon/Still

Over five years
We’ve been down here
Things are dying while
We’re imbibing

Restless feelings
Hear you’re leaving
As our old crowd
Starts to break on down

Well we drank all night
And left the dawn behind
But it’s borrowed time
You gotta do what’s right

It’s responsible
It’s a choice you made
So ends our crusade
And the plans we laid

So it turns to me
And the path I’ll take
The new life I’ll make
The new things I’ll be

Now you want to see
And you’re asking me
What will it be
Am I ready to leave?

I’ve been tempted
By a large spread
Gardens so green
Living room dreams

Change has been stark
Down the sidewalk
Do you stand tall
Or just let it fall?

In the world we try so many things in vain
I’m full of needs that I can’t explain
I wish like you I had it sorted out
Could move on now cause I have no doubts

So many thoughts that weigh on my mind
I can’t give up what I’d leave behind
I can’t commit to what I don’t believe
If you’re asking me am I ready to leave


We Did This On Purpose (EP), released 2010

Awkward Brunch (EP), released 2008

Set List

State of Affairs
Ready to Leave
On the Town
Can't Be Satisfied
When We Were Together
Forget You
The Stakes
Talk About It Tomorrow
Not That Cool
Party Mix
Missed Opportunity
Sick Again
You Know and I Know


Remote Control (The Clash)
American Girl (Tom Petty)
The Good Life (Weezer)
Sufragette City (David Bowie)
Down On the Corner (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Ghostbusters (Ray Parker Jr.)
Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy)
Psycho Killer (Talking Heads)