The Wallace Collective

The Wallace Collective


If Singer/Songwriter music is like french fries, The Wallace Collective is like that too, but with bacon, cheese, sour cream and salsa.


The Wallace Collective is a collective of musicians focused around the songwriting of Brandon "Wallace" Muske. The members of The Wallace Collective come from different influences and genres of all sorts. Blues, jazz, rock, latin, folk, funk, classical training...the list goes on. This diversity not only comes through on the recorded tracks, but in the live shows as well. The energetic and ever-evolving performances are fueled with deep grooves, guttural ballads, and stories told with lyrics anyone can relate to.

The new album due out this Fall will showcase the talents and widespread genres of The Wallace Collective, yet remaining true to a powerful and recognizable sound that is all their own. This is the second album and only the beginning for this young group formed in the late Spring of 2008. Make sure to keep an eye and ear out for this up and coming band.


Spilled Wine-2008
(Untitled)-2009/release set for this fall.
Globe UnSigned Samper Vol. 1 (Waltz in A Minor)

Set List

Set list varies based on show requirements.