The Walls Group

The Walls Group

 Houston, Texas, USA

Two-Time GRAMMY® Nominated, Two-Time Dove Award Nominees and Multi Stellar Award Winning Artist The Walls Group, Launch their Third Project

Houston’s The Walls Group launch their lightning rod third album, The Other Side, as electrifying singers and songwriters destined to ascend to among the most influential young artists in Contemporary Christian music.


                                                THE WALLS GROUP –

Houston’s The Walls Group, recently launched their
lightning rod third album, The Other Side, as electrifying singers
and songwriters destined to ascend to among the most influential young artists
in Urban and Contemporary Christian music. Riding the rocket of the album’s first single,
“My Life,” plus two Stellar Award wins, two Dove Award nominations, and two GRAMMY® nominations behind them, The Walls Group siblings Darrel,
Ahjah, Rhea  and Alic (nicknamed “Paco”) are circling in a rare orbit that is motivating a
passionate response and nurturing a new generation of young warriors to the
footprints of Jesus Christ.

The Other Side reveals us coming
from a more authentic and genuine place,” eldest member Darrel shares, “who we
were raised to be and who we have become. We love all genres of music –
musicals, country, rock, hip hop, R&B. Though we are a Gospel group, we are well rounded and diverse artists. The Other Side comes from our
perspective - how we’ve grown, how we think, how we see God, what God has shown us, and what God
put inside of us…our calling. It’s not only Gospel, it’s good music period.” It is this diversity and unique familial sound that has gained the attention of many mainstream artists, actors, and actresses.

Super producer, Warryn Campbell’s (one of the album producers)
contemporary touch stokes a fire under the group from the very first song: the
lead single “My Life,” a track
brought in by Damon Thomas of the
songwriting/production group The
, centering around a catch phrase the group is always saying: “He
made me great so let me be great!” Thematically, “My Life” is about the journey
of serving God in relevant new ways outside church walls. Youngest member Ahjah
explains, “As young artists in this industry, we don’t look like traditional
Christian/Gospel artists and we don’t do what traditional Christian/Gospel artists do, 
but that doesn’t mean we’re not qualified. We dance. We get hype. We’re excited about what we
do and love what we do, but it is often viewed as edgy or "outside the box". We may not fit in the traditional box, but you
can’t count us out!”

Sisters Ahjah and Rhea co-wrote the heavenly “And
You Don’t Stop,”
vibing off of a phrase that Darrel started that said,
“when my way gets a little cloudy.” “With all the places our journey has taken
us, we’ve dealt with feeling lonely,” Ahjah shares. “We’ve all sacrificed a
lot. I don’t have a lot of friends to call on but God is ever-present and consistent for
me.” That feeling is also beautifully captured in the dreamy interlude “I’m in Love.” 
four siblings are featured on the tastefully orchestrated ballad “My Worship,” a song Darrel started
around a haunting piano refrain about a situation all men and women face. “You
dig yourself into a big hole and the only one that can get you out is God. You
have to make room for Him to come in, clean up a few things, and just live there with you. We
added the ‘Alpha and Omega’ hook that Israel & New Breed recorded on Alive in South Africa, played it for
Israel Houghton and he loved it – told us, ‘Do whatever you want.’ "

strength and maturity of The Walls Group is gloriously evident on The Other
. Though they have a blast bringing New Jack Swing and the days of
“House Party” back on “Don’t Cha Know,”
it’s “On The Other Side” (inspired
by sobering reality checks in the headlines such as Black Lives Matter) and “Count on You” that reflect their
expansion into Country and Rock. “We got together in Darrel’s studio to write a
song about who God is to us,” Ahjah says of “Count on You.” “We added fiddles
and washboard to give that good old school country feel.”

“The Rock” is The Walls Group’s
anthem – a Rock epic inspired by Romans 8 and “The Zachariah Generation.” Darrel
witnesses, “I was begging God to please not make me aware of so many things I
was trying to ignore. He said, ‘Why don’t you trust me?’ We were on tour in Switzerland
2016 and there was no TV…nothing to do but be still. Over those three days, the
song was created.” “It’s powerful,” Rhea adds. “It always gets me through when
I’m having a hard day.”



Debut Project released Self-titled "The Walls Group" (June 11.2012) Debut on ITunes at #7, #1 on Amazon and Bill Board at #33

Sophmore Album "Fast Forward" released September 2, 2014 with FoYoSoul/RCA Records on iTUNES, Amazon and Billboard at #1 

The Walls Group's 3rd Album "Other Side" released November 3, 2017 with FoYoSoul/RCA Records on iTUNES, Amazon and Billboard at #1

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Original Material and Standard Praise and Worship