Jen Walton

Jen Walton

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Hybrid Acoustic Rock with Strong and Sultry Female Vocals, Dynamic Guitar Solos, Driving Melodies and Energetic Live Performance. Exceptional Musicianship. Nominated for Best Female Lead Vocals on 93.7FM. College, Club, Festival Experience


"Listen to Jen Walton once and her voice will tattoo your brain," -Roger Z, Working Musician and More Sugar Magazine.
From their hometown of Doylestown, Bucks County, PA, The Waltons have emerged as an Acoustic Pop-Rock Band, comprised of members from regional act Wineskin & Singer/Songwriter Jen Walton. All members of The Waltons have years of experience performing at Colleges, Festivals, Clubs, Bars, Coffee Houses and Private Events. Lead by brother and sister, Jen and Evan Walton, Jen's strong vocals have often been compared to Stevie Nicks and Natalie Merchant and she was awarded Best Female Vocals on in the Pop/Rock category. Her brother, Evan, offers exceptional and dynamic guitar talent. Together, they envelop audiences with their inviting stage presence. Their combination of talents and live energy give listeners and audiences something to sink their ears into. Their song, Make Me Love You can be heard on 93.7 FM Hometown Heroes.

The Waltons band is filled with exceptionally talented musicians that offer a broad range of influence. They can play to a larger room or intrigue the audience in an intimate setting such as a coffee house or lounge atmosphere.
They offer a diverse range of original songwriting from pop, rock, jam, blues, funk and acoustic rock. In addition to musical talent, the band offers feel-good music and a unique hybrid of sounds. The members of the Waltons have shared the stage with many greats including David Lowery, Johnny Hickman, Bernie Worell (P-Funk), the Roots, Keller Williams, The Wailers, Moistboyz, etc. and have played such notable clubs as the Theater of Living Arts, the Khyber, the Grape Street Pub, Puck, the North Star Bar, Kelly's, Club Sabato, the Moose 1214 in addition to numerous colleges in the PA, NJ and NY areas. They have also performed at events for Pittsburgh Steelers Lynn Swann, fmr. PA Governor Tom Ridge, Sophie B. Hawkins and fmr. President Bill Clinton, Mayor Rudy Guiliani.

Lead vocalist Jen Walton will be featured as a character in upcoming Indie Release Film, "The Last One" . Her music will also be part of the movie's Soundtrack.


Just Fine

Written By: Jen Walton

You have the funniest way about you
Like you woke up on a cloud
It's perfect when you say, "I miss you."
When there's no-one else around
You kissed me once I remember,
The sky was dark and full of stars
You gave me that kiss to keep forever
That moment will always be ours...
So if you ever wanted to kiss me...
Baby, one more time
That would be
Just Fine.
That would be just fine.

You laugh with the perfect laughter
You always know just what to say
You were a boy when I met you, but baby that feels like yesterday.
But, you've grown into your smile
and you kept your innocence
And everytime you are around me nothing makes any sense...
So if you ever wanted to kiss me...
Baby, one more time.
That would be just fine
That would be just fine.

Its never too late for loving
And life is full of ups and downs
But if you could hear my heart beating, well maybe you would stick around.
And then if you wanted to kiss me
Baby one more time
That would be just fine
That would be just fine
Kiss me one more time
That would be fine...

Make Me Love You

Written By: Jen Walton

Explain this all to me
As far as I can see
The sun will set on you
The sky's a deeper blue and I'm lost in the sea

Cause when I see your eyes
I light up like a firefly
And I cannot breath
You would not believe
What you do to me

If there was a sign
I know that I could find
The strength to say to you
How all the things you do
Make me love you...

Guitar Solo

If I coudl breath you in
I'd exhale all my darkest sins
You would take my hand
And I would understand
You'd be there til the end...

If there was a sign
I know that I could find
The strength to say to you
How all the things you do
Make me love you...


"Make Me Love You" 93.7FM
Currently recording new album at Sound of Music Studios (Carbon Leaf, Counting Crows, Joan Osborne, Black Crowes, Cracker) in Richmond, VA with Engineering by John Morand and Producer Dave Lowery (frontman of Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven). Jen Walton: The Singles Album (Amazon, iTunes, CdBaby), Wineskin: The Great American Album. Past Albums: The Waltons, EP; Red Light District; Wineskin-Your Pants; Wineskin Live

Set List

1-3: 45 Minute Sets: consisting of Acoustic or Full Rock Band, Large Vocals, Harmonies, and Solos. 90% Original. Covers include: Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Tina Turner, Patsy Cline, Sheryl Crow, The Rolling Stones. Most Commonly Played Originals:
Just Fine, Ballad for Blues, Make Me Love You, SureKill, 2-To-Go, Hit or Miss, Fly, Mighty Withlacoochee, Unemployed, Thousand Tomorrows, Billy Dee, Big Sun, Pittsburgh, MILF, Waiting, Hit or Miss, Runway....
Original Set List is Extensive