The lonesome wanderers

The lonesome wanderers


It's meant to reach out to people with solid rhythm's and hearty melodies. We want our music to touch the audience life's and capture the moment with our bluesy feel. We like to put a lot of our emotions out onto the stage and really give the people something they never expected. the music is chill.


We got our start playing together in our high school rock band class (it consist of bluegrass, rock and blues bands). all three of us had known each other for a while, but we really came together and started playing music when this class began in 2007. Originally we all played separate styles of music. Mike played mandolin in a bluegrass band and sang lead vocals, Aaron played bass and piano for the blues band and Haydn was playing drums and electric guitar in the rock band. Mike had some songs that he had written and wanted to play them so he and Haydn came together to work them out and then Aaron came in on the whole deal and melded together pretty well.
The things that have influenced us the most are the styles of music that each of us has brought to the table. Whether its Aaron's bluesy bass vibe, Haydn's awesome fingerstyle or mikes bluegrass picking stuff, it has all been the drive of what as made this band what it is. For us, we know without the audience we are nothing except three guys playing a couple songs. We believe that is what sets us, "The Wanderers", apart from your everyday band.
We hope its good. What really matter to us. Is not what genre you might label it under, but the quality of the music we make. We hope you enjoy it!!!


Its just the night

Written By: Michael Lesousky

shadows look like creatures
branches dance like ghouls
I think there's something behind me
I'm tellin' ya' I'm not a fool

My breathin' gets heavy
and I start to run
'aint goin' , 'aint goin down,
til the risin' sun.

I hear soft voices calling all around
baby won't you tell me if you have a fright
and if something tries to scare you
remember, It's just the night

Red eyes all around me
watching me in the dark
oh girl, I get so scared when its dark outside

Sometimes I feel like I am drownin'
In a sea of fear
O girl, It gets so dark around here,
so dark around here.



we don't have an EP yet. but we do have a couple of live tracks that you can find on myspace.

The URL is:

Set List

Are sets are composed of self-written songs in the blues and acoustic style. The set can range anywhere from 5-10 songs and can be anywhere from 30 minutes to and hour long set. If we only have ten minutes to play, we can work that out too!

Songs (original):
It's Just the night
The train song
Lie(In my eyes)
Gone again
Without you
The story of the crossroads

and many more in the works!