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This band has not uploaded any videos



"What City Beat Had to Say"

They've been called "Space Punk" and "Spunge Rock" (noting their debt to Surf, Punk, Funk and Grunge), but it's only chaotic, energized Rock & Roll and more and more people are starting to like it. Efforting to bring the fun back to Punk Rock (save the whining for your Hello Kitty diaries, Emo boys!), this spirited five-man crew has been stirring things up in the Greater Cincinnati area for about the past four years. The title of the band's upcoming album sums up their approach thusly: No Need for a Solo, It's Back to the Basics!

Dig It: The Misfits on hallucinogenics, The Cramps without the estrogen, Garage Rock in a mental ward (Mike Breen)



Look for The Wankers first actuall full length album, No need For a Solo....It's Back to Basics is a long running effort to express their many musical tastes, but still maintain the energy included in their rauccus live shows. Released on IDGF Recordings.
Other releases from the Wankers include:
"Girls Are Mean", released by Lazy Sods, on Valentines Day 2003. A look into the darker side of the wankers, a side brought on by the torment of females. With screamy vocals and mass distortion, this abulm depicts a different side of the wankers.
"the Power Trio Sessions", released November 2002, a trip back to basics with garage fuzz and choopy ska like rhythms. Never veering away from the old school.
"the wankers....are coming". debut ep, released on Ho Ho records, July 4th 2001. A very old school surf, punk sound this album paved the way for the way the wankers are today. Combing garage rock with surf, punk elements.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Cincy based surf, punk, funk and roll formed in 1999 by guys who were sick of the derived drivle of their peers bands, who played nothing but generic rock, and had a huge crowd following. So the wankers set out to change the rock scene in their neck of the woods. To many bands take themselves to seriously and forget about making good music. The wankers put music sensationalism above all else. That is to say that the overall effect of their stage show leaves one feeling like they've actually seen something.
With influences ranging from, but not limited to: "the who", "the clash", "mud honey", "led zepplin" and "nirvana" to " the ventures", "agent orange", "the talking heads", "the B 52's" and "the ramones". The wankers cover the rock 'n roll spectrum nicely, fitting into a wide range of genres. Its hard to put a name to exactly what the wankers sound like, some folks have called them "space punk". Others dubbed them "spunge rock", an acronym for surf, funk, punk, grunge. But most people who see the wankers agree on one thing, they are very high energy rock n' roll.
Pretention can ruin good music. If one thing is to be said about the wankers, it's that they are down to earth, friendly guys. They play out regularly, set up shows, and are always looking to meet new friends and support the scence.