The WarBrides

The WarBrides

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Socially conscious and eccentric songs that seek to improve the human condition through musical mayhem. All proceeds from CD and Merchandise sales are donated to AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL.


The WarBrides have been writing, producing and recording Alternative and Alt-Americanna music in the Chicago area for the past several years. The band is comprised of 5 veterans of the local rock and Alternative scene, and is fronted by P.O. Raney. We try to bring our eccentric view and social leanings to every show and every piece of music we perform.



Written By: P.O. Raney

1st Verse—I think I’m seeing changes for the better. I finally feel the ground beneath my feet. And it all comes back to me and the things I choose to see, because this negativity has got to end here.

2nd Verse—I think I finally found the cure for sadness. And I truly understand that pain can heal. Just forget about the end, and don’t worry about the bends, and leave your negativity behind you.

Chorus—because we’ve all been here before in different versions. And the circle doesn’t change it just revolves. So be happy with your life, and put an end to all this strife and leave the negativity behind.

3rd Verse—I know that sunshine makes a deeper shadow. But a rainbow usually means the end of rain. And when it finally comes to me, I think I’ll swim out in the sea. And leave my negativity behind.

Break—I can’t believe that T.V holds the answers. And religion kills as many as are saved. I won’t endorse a lifestyle without pity, nor let myself become emotion’s slave.

4th Verse—I know I’m seeing changes for the better, but there are miles to go and still so much to do And the next time that I’m here, I hope the world has less to fear, and we can leave the negativity behind.

Piss on the Democrats

Written By: P.O. Raney

Somewhere, in some town on some side street you’ve never heard of, some common man or woman comes back home with their lunch pail in their hands. And somewhere in the middle of that dark forgotten night, at some God-forsaken crossroads that marks the turning point of their life, that unknown non-ideological “person” who hasn’t been documented in newspapers or by the entertainment industry—and who doesn’t fit within the boundaries of what those in charge consider essential and important—feels a change. Just one germinating idea that somehow, someway, somewhere is going to become a movement. And that one idea that originates from that tiny little mind is going to cause every man, woman and child who inhabits these teeming towns and pulsing metropolis’ that mankind has become to question where we are and, more importantly: why are we there?

Piss on the democrats, who created this mess. Same with republicans, who live for excess. Flush out those athletes, those models, that flesh. Give me a real life—take back some depth!

And I want to be there when it happens. Because it isn’t going to be a war or a revolution, or even a statement that might become marketable. It’s going to be something more lasting, more novel, more evolutionary. It’s gonna be change, a true change, a change for the good and for the better. And not anything that could have been foreseen; when the average people of the world tell all those other people of the world who continue to tie us down with shackles of what’s right and wrong and favorable and ideologically correct to stop and do what’s right, because it only seems to be good nowadays when it can be condensed into a political byline on the evening news, or a banner, or a tee shirt, or a miserably angry song, like this one. Or a ribbon they wear when they’re accepting awards for doing good and charitable acts that wouldn’t mean shit if it meant living in anonymity or not receiving the praise and applause of all of us worthless suckers who have to live in fear that we might not be fashionable or guilty or assiduous enough to look up to them while they take our money to entertain us or play basketball or make more shackles to tie us down with, and I ain’t talking about anarchy, because everyone needs rules, but they have to be fair rules that apply to everyone and not just those few select BILLIONS who aren’t good enough, or smart enough, or talented enough to rise above the undeserved mediocrity of their roots. AND I’M REALLY TIRED OF IT!

Piss on the democrats, I have my own guilt. Tear down those churches that tell me I’m filth. Just be a nice guy, and try not to swear. Fuck all the Jones’s! Why should we care?

And when this change occurs it’s going to surprise everyone, because it isn’t going to be those worthless billions throwing out the rich and the poor—who have spent their energies devising ways to not expend their energies. It’s gonna be them deciding that they’re as good and as talented and as handsome and as lucky as those other few; even though they don’t have fancy fucking cars or plastic tits or a good inside curve ball or a hit record and, instead, simply decide to do what’s right and live what’s right and be what’s right for them and their families and for all those others who have slipped into the cracks. And that’s why I think I’m gonna start my own movement. One that everyone can join and which most of us are already members of even though we haven’t formally recognized our membership and have been ever since that first, ego-centric Star got to sit in the roped off portion of the balcony while our piss poor, non-connected and slightly bulging asses had to wallow in the mosh pit until we felt like puking on the next piss poor asshole in front of us!

Piss on the democrats, they’ve gotta be stopped. Spit on pro-lifers, unless they adopt. Why shoot the doctors, to sanctify life? Forget all your money woes, stay with your wife. Hate just the haters, those liars who kill. Just hate the haters, those liars who kill. Just hate the haters, those liars who kill. Just hate the haters, those liars who kill.

Just Friends

Written By: P.O. Raney

1st Verse—Walk with me. Let me know what you think of me. Let me be someone you could see—every now and then (even if we were just friends).

2nd Verse—Oh talkity talk to me. Whisper thoughts no one else can see. Hold me close. Let me be someone you can understand, even if I never am.

3rd Verse—Who you see, when you meet me. Look at me, don’t leave me guessing. Understand even though I’m shaking, it doesn’t mean that I’m mistaken.

4th Verse—Come to me, don’t walk away. I’m on my knees. I’ll never leave and soon you’ll see how this heaven could be even if we were just friends.


The WarBrides! EP--2002
Issues (debut full length CD) 2004
Shut Eye Records Compilation "Buzz Lighter #9" '05

Set List

Sanctioned by the State
I don’t know why
Emotional Baggage
Everybody Wants
Only in my Mind
Just Friends
Just Like a Woman
That train
This Dog’s Life
You’n Me
Bitter Blue
Everything’s fine
Unraveling Inside Me
In My Hands
Never let you go
These Letters
The Window
Crash and Burn
Here with me
Total Length--2 hrs.