The Warhawks

The Warhawks

 Gloucester City, New Jersey, USA

The Warhawks are a four piece rock and roll band from Gloucester City, NJ. For the past two years they have been writing and performing music that is likely to be the future of rock and roll. With a rising fan base, it is clear that The Warhawks are going to be more than an underground band.


Born from the riverside town of Gloucester City, NJ, The Warhawks have been gaining attention for the past two years with their unique style of rock and roll. Loud and straight forward, it is the way rock was meant to be played. Drawing inspiration from the music of the past and present, The Warhawks are set on defining the music of the future. Their songs are products of the places they've been, the people they've met, and the lives they've lead.

Highlighted under Bruce Warren's (Program Director, 88.5 WXPN, Philadelphia) list of Philly Bands To Watch for 2011.

Selected to perform with international acts as part of American Kiss Tour - NYC Aug. 20-26, 2011

Featured on WMMR, 93.3, Philadelphia Local Shots Blog




EP Discography:

Arrows From The East, 2010

Great Waveriders of the 20th Century, 2010

Thief, 2011

Set List

Set consists of selections from all EPs with an emphasis on latest release.