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"The Warned Big Smile Review"

The Warned

This CD I was given was really cool to listen to. It has a mix of both clean and some yelling/screaming vocals in the backgrounds of the songs. The band is full of emotion and energy.

The first song titled "Let Me See You Again" has a really interesting intro, probably one of the coolest intros I've ever heard. It sounds exactly like a table saw with phaser-like effect that meshes with it. The song gets heavier with some bass and drums and has a real cool beat to it. The vocals are somewhat high, but also very clean. The drums begin to get faster with a guitar riff in the background as well as a few bends and slides every now and then. The breakdown sounds like a talk about takling in a monotone voice with high clean vocals in the background of it. "Will you be better off?" are some lyrics included in the song. The song ends with a heaver lead guitar lick and ends with the volume fading away with that somewhat phaser effect.

The second track "Answer The Call" has a faster intro that sounds like tapping with fast drumming. It sounds really great and powerful in the beginning and then progresses to a slower beat. Lyrics include, "All day, I sit and wait.." Then a higher sounding guitar piece comes in which is short, and then the song calms down with a relaxing vibe to it. Real nice clean vocals, "Forget the past, there's nothing left." The bass and guitar get heavier and then some screaming/yelling is added into the song, but not much. Then a real soothing guitar part comes in later with some screams at different times, but again, not that much. "Could this be the last time, one more chance." The song is about someone wanting a girl to answer the call but she says in the end, "No, I'm okay." It ends with a fast-paced solo.

The third song "Breathe Out" begins with a real simple intro with some light cymabl tapping and the bass really helps for a nice background. Lyrics include, "Breathe out the confused air so I hold on to these memories.." The song sounds like this person is troubled, like he is really trying to fix his problem and what is going on. He tells himself he is alright and the song ends with a phaser effect slowly fading away.

"As I Lie Awake" is the fourth song that begins right away with vocals and some drumming and easy listening guitar. Then it gets faster sounding like a mix of rock and punk. The person is asking if someone can hear him as he say's someone's name. The mood sounds somewhat upset about something but at the same time really aggressive to making sure something is done. The vocalist whispers, "As I lie awake," and continues with some clean vocals, has a fast-paced solo, and ends. This song overall, is really cool and different.

The fifth song titled "One Way Path" introduces itself with a cool guitar riff that sounds like two notes that have meshed together as one. There is some guitar with a "chug chug" as it hits the thicket string, making it sounds almost metal-like. The song then calms itself down and the music sounds great, almost trance-like and then goes back to how it was before. The vocals again are clean, and really great. Ends with "Were going down this one way path again...One more time we'll find.."and a cool guitar riff and drums ends the song.

The sixth song "Blameless" begins really simple but also really powerful and full of energy. It speeds us with some yelling and clean vocals. It sounds like music you could really mosh to or headbang because of its really interesting and fun guitar riff that goes on throughout the song. Lyrics include "So long, farewell, goodbye, for the last time.." Then there is a breakdown which is really cool and the song ends with again, just great guitar work.

The last song titled "At The Site of The Dead" starts off with a slow, basically just really calm and relaxing intro. There is a chime everynow and then throughout the song in the background. Then when the drums start up and start to get louder, the music does as well. "So much closer to the truth...burry your eyes, run away.." are some lyrics. There's also some really cool powerchords and the song settles down again. The music verse juts sounds great and makes you feel like you are spinning and are being controlled by some force. Atleast thats how it made me feel. The song relaxes itself and he whispers "I believe in us a road..I believe in you.." Then the vocals join together and almost sounds like AFI at one point because all the voices come together as one. The song ends with some screaming in the background. This song overall, was really very different, but also very nice.

for more information: - Big Smile Magazine - Meesh


Friday, February 15, 2008
Orange Pop: O.C. acts mine the past on new albums
The Warned and Nowhere Man have new discs out while Pepper contributes to a new Police tribute.
Special to the Register
While most modern rock outfits are focused on the future, there is increasingly a relevance given artists that embrace specific influences and styles that recall the past. There are several Orange County acts that are masterfully reinventing, reinterpreting and revising retro sounds in a way that will appeal to modern audiences.
The Warned "The Warned" (Independent release) – The '00s have seen several Orange County artists pull new sounds from the 1980s, with the Dear and the Departed, Rock Kills Kid and Vale among the most successful proponents of this burgeoning movement.
But whereas those outfits mined the territory originally charted by the Cure, Church and early U2, the Warned is decidedly more hard rock.
Justin Warn (vocals, keyboards), Jesse Warn (guitar, vocals, synthesizer), Steve Sievers (bass, vocals), Eden Godinez (guitar, vocals) and Robbie Coleman (drums) write and perform songs that blend rock and metal, but with enough melodic riffs and vocal choruses to suspect their listening habits have evolved far beyond the rock of their own generation (the members' ages range from 20 to 24).
The group's self-titled debut features a range of strong hard rockers ("Let Me See You Again," "Answer the Call," "One Way Path"), as well as tunes that blend power and beauty with even greater range ("Breathe Out," "As I Lie Awake").
The Warned will perform at Gallagher's Pub, 300 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, at 9 p.m. on Feb. 27.
Information: or
You might like if you enjoy: Saosin, Incubus, Thrice's "The Alchemy Index, Vol. 1 & 2."
- The Orange County Register

"All Access Magazine"

Any well-schooled rocker knows; no matter what their age, about the glory days of the enormous arena rock shows, with upwards of 40,000-80,000 fans chanting your band’s name, clamoring to hear your music. The Warned, a band of five young men raised during the height of that frenzy, are no exception. Hailed as one of the greatest live acts in Southern California by critics, they are biding their time for the days of arena rock to be back in the public’s consciousness so they can go and do just that, rock them live and hard! Sounding good on a CD or MP3 is great, but this is a band that are at their best when rocking the masses live. Onstage is where The Warned wishes to be. Having played almost every club from L.A. to San Diego, they are now ready to conquer a new frontier, and these conscious guys’ heartland of the Southland is a delightful contradiction to what is typically seen and heard in the rock music coming out right at this moment. The Warned are ready to rock and show the world what goods they have. While the band members are proudly tattooed, if you get up close enough to see the tats, they tell stories of who they are, where they have been and what they wish to represent to the world. These five men believe strongly that life is about giving to the community and the world. While in Africa, they saw beauty and poverty leading them to write “At the Sight Of The Dead,” an eye-opening song of the ills of not just in Africa, but other Third World countries. What will make them such a great potential breakout band is also their ability to write about love, as showcased in songs like “Answer The Call” and “Breathe Out.” A full CD is expected this year from this band with the mighty vocal and songwriting skills of band members Justin Warn (lead vocals/keyboards); Jesse Wild (guitar/vocals/synthesizer); Eden Godinez (guitar/vocals); Steve Sievers (bass/vocals); and Robbie Coleman (drums/percussion). The bands’ ability to arrange is one band that can bring the glory days of Arena Rock back to where it was just a short decade ago, which started in the 1980’s. They are made to be heard live. - Chris Broekemeier - All Access Magazine

"Rockwired Interview"



Rock music is full of humanitarians. That's been the case since 1985, when BOB GELDOLF launched his USA FOR AFRICA campaign. I was ten years old and I had my hair spiked for the 48-hour broadcast of LIVE AID. It was exciting watching all of these artists come together for a great cause. The problem with rock n rollers playing MOTHER THERESA is that it is easy to doubt their sincerity. One would get the feeling that it is all about posing in front of the cameras and hoping that the GRAMMY nominating committee is listening. After speaking with JUSTIN WARN of THE WARNED, you get a sense that his charitable deeds come from someplace else other than pop martyrdom. For the past two years, JUSTIN has been working abroad in places like Africa and The Philippines doing mission work, and seeing the desperation of people in parts of the world such as this has opened the singer-songwriters eyes, both musically and spiritually. "We just wanted to do something out of our comfort zone and help other people in different parts of the world, which to us is very important." says WARN. "The year before, I had been to the Philippines on the same kind of mission trip where we bring medical supplies, clothes, and shoes and we fly to different parts of the world with a team of people. We spend two weeks out in the villages and it’s an amazing way to kind of give back and you stretch so far emotionally, physically, and spiritually. As far as what prompted it - I think the prompting came from our hearts."

All good deeds aside, JUSTIN and this band THE WARNED have just released their first self-titled, 7-song E.P. and are currently working on additional tracks for a forthcoming release. ROCKWIRED spoke with JUSTIN WARN over the phone as the band was booking dates for shows for the coming year. Here is how it went.

JUSTIN WARN spoke with ROCKWIRED over the phone before the Christmas holiday. Here is how it went.
You guys have just released your first EP. Now that it's out, how do you feel about it?
We've put it out and there's been a good response. We feel pretty good about it. We know that there is always room for improvement and I think that this new batch of songs that we're working on right now will top those that we've already recorded.

How did the band begin? What brought everyone together on the same page to write and record music?
My cousin JESSE (guitarist, JESSE WARN) came to me with these songs that he had been messing around with and at the time I was playing drums, so we started jamming on these songs. After a while I decided that I wanted to sing over this stuff. So I messed around with singing. JESSE and I would jam out on these tunes and he had a couple of friends who would come up and fill in on instruments. When we wanted to put something solid together, I called upon my best friend STEVE (bass player STEVE SIEVERS,) and ROBBIE (drummer ROBBIE COLEMAN). I told them that " is the time to do this. I've got a project that I really believe in and me and my cousins have these songs that we want to have produced for people to hear." So that was how it was started. It's all friends and cousins coming together to form this family. A dysfunctional family but a family nonetheless.

What makes you a dysfunctional family?
You know, the normal band antics, the scheduling, and things like that. Two of the guys in the band live near San Diego and we're up here in Fullerton. We're able to come together. We all have different influences and that can be an issue at times but in the long term, it actually benefits us.

Who are the fellows in the band and what do you think each of them sort of brings to the table musically, creatively or personality-wise.
My cousin JESSE is kind of like this amazing guitar player where he can just sit down with the guitar and come up with something that rocks every time. He comes up with some amazing ideas like dual harmony guitar parts with our other guitar player EDEN GODINEZ. JESSE is such an inspiration to me because he's always trying to push himself creatively and go places that we haven't been as far as music is concerned. EDEN GODINEZ is really laid back. He's the youngest of the bunch and holds down the rhythm section really good. STEVE SIEVERS, the bass player, is also a recording engineer so he recorded the first record for us. He's like the backbone. When we write a song, he'll listen to it and say 'let's change this part!' He's there for the technical side of things. He also takes care of our Internet stuff. He's really computer savvy, where I'm not. We've got our drummer ROBBIE COLEMAN and he is one of the most determined musicians I've ever met in my life. He studies every different style and he rehearses nonstop. He's sort of an obsessive compulsive, so it kind of work - Rockwired Magazine - Brian Lush

"Music Connection Magazine Review"

The Warned
Blue Cafe
Long Beach

Contact: Steve Glowalla,
The Players: Justin Warn, lead vocals, keyboards; Jesse Warn, guitar, vocals, synth; Steve Sievers, bass, backup vocals; Eden Godinez, guitar, backup vocals; Robbie Coleman, drums, percussion.
Material: Poetic in nature, the Warned’s material is a lot like listening to a one-sided conversation. Each song is deep in emotion and crafted with a unique style that radiates heart with every vibration. However, some songs leave listeners deciphering the material on their own, due to the cryptic lyrics. Particularly noteworthy are “Let Me See You Again,” “One Way Path,” and the haunting ballad, “At the Sight of the Dead,” a product of the band’s mission trip to Africa.
Musicianship: Justin Warn exhibits strength and power with his emotionally stirring vocals. Most impressive are the band’s musical unity and ability to let each member shine. Jesse Warn, Eden Godinez, and Steve Sievers bring that hardcore melodic guitar sound to a pulse-pounding high, while Robbie Coleman adds extra intensity with his breathtaking drum rolls.
Performance: Although the crowd was small, the band’s involvement was not. They managed to engage everyone in the room. In fact, the Warned’s adrenaline pumping energy was the high point of the performance. They started hard and ended harder. Involving mind, body and soul, these guys left no doubt that they whole-heartedly believe in what they do.
Summary: The Warned will take you on a musical ride that’ll have you buckling your seat belt and holding on for dear life. Their music is filled to the brim with melodic buildups that won’t leave listeners disappointed. If they could just figure out a way to relate their poetry and lyrics to the average person, they might just find the key to their success.
––Renee Pelissier

- Music Connection Magazine


1. Let me See You Again
2. Answer the Call
3. Breathe Out
4. As I Lie Awake
5. One Way Path
6. Blameless
7. At the Sight of the Dead

"Let Me See You Again" featured on OCROCKRADIO.COM

Orange County-based hard rock band The Warned recently placed three songs from their self-titled debut CD - “Let Me See You Again,” “At The Sight Of The Dead,” and “Blameless” – on the Front Page of growing popular website, GARAGEBAND.COM. Each of the songs was voted on by the website’s members; “Blameless” was featured on the site’s Alternative Metal front page December 7; “Let Me See You Again “ was featured on the site’s Hard Rock front page December 12. “At The Sight Of The Dead” was featured on the site’s Alternative Rock front page during November.
Watch for interviews with The Warned on radio shows the NEW ARTIST SHOWCASE, THE LONDON GARCIA SHOW and ROCKWIRED in the days ahead as well as features and/or live show reviews in OC-based WHATS UP MAGAZINE, MUSIC CONNECTION, and other area publications. For more information on the Warned log onto either or



After years of playing in various bands, the five members of The Warned (Justin Warn, vocals/keyboards; Jesse Warn, guitar/vocals/synthesizer; Steve Sievers, bass/vocals; Eden Godinez, guitar/vocals; Robbie Coleman, drums/percussion) have come together to create something that they all believe in: music with feeling and emotion. The music that emanates from this band is both melodic and powerful, with a sense of urgency. All five musicians bring equal, yet different, aspects to the band – leaving listeners satisfied with a feeling of hope and promise. The Warned encompasses various elements of rock, metal, and alternative pop into a unique, addictive sound.
“Music has always been a large influence for me in my life,” states Justin Warn, one of the band’s co-founders. “My father, who passed away in 1999, taught me the importance of music and the ultimate importance of providing and taking care of your family….music is music as long as it’s good. That’s how I see it these days,” Warn adds. “In high school, I started to get into the hardcore scene, attending show after show with my good friend (and eventual Warned band mate), Steve Sievers…I think that was the point at which I realized that being in a band is what I wanted to do.”
In 2006 Warn embarked on a trip to the Philippines with some members of his church, something that would “stretch him physically, emotionally, and spiritually,” he recalls. “We brought medical supplies and much-needed love and care (that) people in third-world countries rarely get. It was an eye opener.” Warn journeyed to Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa this past year. “The desperation and need is so great out there…it’s hard to imagine a place like that without water, food, or medical supplies…to see what’s going on in other parts of the world that are so beautiful yet so lacking is mind-changing and inspiring. Inspiring to write about what’s going on from my perspective. It’s about love, understanding, and compassion. Real issues, real life – how I see things. I am totally inspired and driven to make a change in this world, one way or the other.”

Band Contact: Steve Glowalla Ph: (714) 325-5676 E-mail: