The Warner Gear

The Warner Gear


The Warner Gear combine an old-time musical sensibility with newer influences, all blended to bring folk, bluegrass, country and rock together. While other acts are coming down from the mountain, our journey is in the opposite direction.


The Warner Gear formed in early 2005. In the beginning, it was songwriting and friendship only for Gwen (frontwoman for Indianapolis punk band NowhereGoodFast), Wayne and Paul Williams (original drummer). The intent: to explore older styles of country and bluegrass, and write more with traditional instruments. During recording sessions, bassist Ryan Williams was added to the fold, bringing with him a jazz background that took some songs in a new direction. Once the four cemented, the band went public.

In 2006, Cara became a member of the band. Ben Hodges soon followed in the percussion department, as Paul left the state for a contract job. Not only was there a CD debut ("All My Sins") in June, but shows for the Midwest Music Summit and the Franklin Folk Festival came right after. 2006 proved to be the year that brought the band to the front lines of the local music scene.
Currently, the band is writing songs for another full-length release, which can be expected sometime in late 2007.


The Warner Gear is a name used by a turn-of-the-century gear manufacturer in Muncie, Indiana that later became BorgWarner Automotive. To this day, workers at the plant as well as locals refer to the factory as "Warner Gear".

In the spirit of the workers from long ago, and the factory bands that once existed, we are proud to also call ourselves the Blue Collar Music Society.


"All My Sins", released 2006

Set List

Our set list can range anywhere from half an hour to an hour, with arrangements made for each individual show. We do not play covers, and take pride in our original songwriting.