The Warner Gear

The Warner Gear

 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Here is our deal- we are a bluegrass/alt-country collective that mixes drums with mandolin, fiddle, guitar, bass, and lyrics that point to the average American and his or her struggle to just get by in life. It's not fancy, but straight-forward.


The Warner Gear Blue Collar Music Society (long name, eh?) formed back in 2005... it was the idea of lead singer Gwen Noel to create a group that mimicked the old days when factories had their own bands, with members that actually worked the lines and still had time to get together and create good music that would drown out the sound of the machines... Warner Gear was the original name of the factory in Muncie, Indiana that eventually became BorgWarner Automotive, a company that employed thousands in the area and was the biggest employer in the city for decades. It will close in April, 2009.
Wayne, Paul, and Gwen got together originally writing simple "hill-jack" country anthems. With the addition of Ryan Williams, we were able to polish ourselves up a bit, and take the project to local venues. We have had the pleasure of playing with amazing regional acts, and releasing our own CD, "All My Sins", in 2006, to warm local reception.


"All My Sins"- 2006 (full-length CD) (available on Itunes or

Set List

Our set list varies, depending on set/show. We will play any length, from a 45-minute set to 2 hours. Occasion covers might find their way into the night, but original music is our specialty.