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"Backlot Bash"

The Warning Label winner of The Battle of the Bands and Finalist in the Illinois State Competition, open Skokie's Backlot Bash August 28th at 7pm with Tributasaurus as Led Zepplin
- Pioneer Press -- August 2009

"The Warning Label State Finalist 2009 -- Illinois Battle of the Bands"

What is the Illinois Battle of the Bands?
For the past 7 years, members of the Illinois Park & Recreation Association's Teen Committee have been working together to offer an incredibly unique opportunity for teen bands in Illinois. Each year the committee is responsible for coordinating the large number of local teen battle of the bands events that take place all over the state, placing the winners into regional competitions, and finally running the state finals, which takes place each August at the Illinois State Fair. Each year approximately 120 teen bands participate in the event and compete for prizes that have included everything from studio time to band makeovers.

The Warning Label win first place in their home town of Skokie. They advance to the Semi-finals in River Grove where they place second by one point. They qualify to move to the finals in Springfiled, IL where they were a finalist in the state competition in September 2009.
The Warning Label finish 4th out of 120 bands, state wide.

- Illinois Battle of the Bands

"Street Scene"

At left, Skokie resident Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater (left) performs with Alex Sheyn during a benefit Nov. 3 for the Skokie Theatre and honoring on the history of Chicago's Maxwell Street outdoor Market presented there. At right, lead singer, Kevin Iles (left) and his band The Warning Label from Niles North High School perform during a benefit performance on the history on Maxwell Street at the Skokie Theatre. The benefit, produced by Lynn Orman Weiss, was capped by the premiere of the documentary, "Cheat You Fair: The Story of Maxwell Street." - Pioneer Press

"A Great Local Band!"

Classic Rock Band The Warning Label cite bands like Areosmith, AC/DC and Black Sabbath as influences, but their sound and songs are strictly original. Formed in early 2006, the band has played in venues in and around the Chicago area. They recently debuted their CD "The Human Condition" to a packed house at Bill's Blues in Evanston.

Guitarist and lead vocalist Kevin Iles shares front man duties with bassist and lyricist Mike Zabrin. The two met while playing in the Niles North Jazz band and began jamming in the practice room. The chemistry was instantaneous, and, soon after, they formed The Warning Label. Kevin called a member of his previous band Peter Cinko to play lead guitar. Drummer Ben Silverman completed the line up. They immediately began working on original material, writing memorable tunes like "Superstar" and "American Dreamer."

In an interview with The Pioneer Press, Mike explains that the CD's title comes from "the positive and negative aspects of existence in a human." He goes on to explain that the songs are thematically related to each other. This sophistication combined with outstanding musical talent make "The Human Condition" a CD that has been gaining attention from the music industry.

Their writing process is collaborative. Kevin comes to rehearsal with a new guitar lick and Mike works on the lyrics, while Peter arranges songs on sheet music and gives Mike a demo he can write lyrics to. The full participation of all band members is also reflected in the tightness of their live performances.

The Warning Label has played Old Town, Lincolnwood Fest, and Thillens Stadium. They have also played with great musicians such as Eddie "The Cheif" Clearwater at Skokie Theatre and continue to tour around the Chicago area. You can buy sending an email to . Tickets for upcoming shows including Stage 83, Stashes and the Elbo Room can be ordered through the band's myspace at - Pioneer Press

"Art & Soul of the North Shore – The Warning Label"

Published: Tuesday, April 13, 2010
April 2010

For every believer in an art form there’s at least one doubter, which hasn’t stopped Kevin Iles and his band The Warning Label from rising to the top.

“Don't let the naysayers get you down.” Iles said. “Do what you love and the rest will come.”

Iles, a guitarist, singer, and student at Columbia College in Chicago, formed the band as a high school student at Niles North. The band has since released two albums and among other big gigs, served as a finalist in the 2009 Illinois Battle of the Bands.

Iles insists the band’s success is a pleasure while the criticism is an inspiration.

“In 2008, we were asked by our High School's PTA to play at the Prom after party on the Spirit of Chicago boat at Navy Pier.” Iles waxed.

“We thought it was going to be a huge opportunity and were really excited. Everyone hated us though and we ended up getting booed off the stage. It made us really upset and angry, but it also pushed us to improve. We played another school show a year later and got a huge positive response and ended up playing an encore that night. Failures are almost better than successes because they put that fire in your belly to prove the naysayers wrong.”

To aid their positive outlook, The Warning Label has received constant support from their families.

“Most of the member's families are very supportive and are in the audience at the shows with the rest of the fans.” Fans that evolve into goupies…

“Before he joined the group, [bassist German Maza] never missed a show. Now there’s this girl who goes to our local music store, named Angela, who loves the band. She will do whatever it takes to make it to every single gig we play.”

The Warning Label blasts rock, with classic metal influences like Black Sabbath and Metallica. Kevin serves as the lead singer and shares lead guitar duties with Casey Tremont.

“Casey is a phenomenal guitarist.” Iles said. “His dad was also a guitarist in some big local bands back in the 80s and 90s, so Casey was brought up on Rock 'n' Roll. He is also a great singer, though he's shy and will never admit it.”

“German (pronounced Herman) Maza is our bass player. His parents are from Peru and have the biggest music collection I have ever seen… He is a fantastic bassist and really has a feel for our music and can come up with a whole song in minutes. He is also a great singer.”

“Our drummer Ben Silverman has only been playing drums since he was 14 and can already keep up with the pros,” Iles said. “He is also one of the most disciplined people I have ever met.”

A mutual respect seems to emanate within the band, hopefully a feeling that will last to keep their loyal fans lining up for years.

“We definitely have our goals for success, but I wouldn't want to jinx it.” Iles said.

Hear The Warning Label and view details on upcoming gigs at

ryan p. standley - What's Happening! Newspaper (Suburban Chgo)


CD available NOW from the band @ MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, REVERBNATION and all of their sites.

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Recorded:V-Note Studios
Des Plaines, IL
August - November 2009

Mastered: Studio Chicago
Chicago, IL - December 2009

"Human Condition"
January 2008
Straydog Recording Studios, Chicago, IL



The birth of The Warning Label occurred in 2003, when founding members Kevin Iles and Peter Cinko began playing together in an unnamed rock group. When that band dissolved in fall 2005, Kevin and Peter's growing musical friendship inspired them to form a new band in early 2006. Calling the band The Warning Label, they added to their line-up drummer Ben Silverman and bassist Mike Zabrin, two more musical soul mates with whom Kevin had been jamming in the jazz band rehearsal room at Niles North High School. Within only 3 months, the band had communally written several original songs – "Superstar," "American Dreamer," "Walk The Line," and "Paradise" -- which to this day continue to be crowd favorites in their rousing live sets.

By December 2007, after playing a string of successful gigs around Chicagoland, The Warning Label was ready to record its first full album, Human Condition. The album, released in January of 2008 on the group's independent label, created considerable local buzz that landed the Warning Label many new gigs, in ever larger and more prestigious venues – remarkable for a band whose members were still in high school.

In November 2008, with the departure of bassist Mike Zabrin – who left to pursue his passion for more traditional blues -- Kevin, Peter, and Ben welcomed a good friend and longtime fan, German Maza, as their new bassist. (Having already memorized their entire repertoire from the audience, he had the bass lines down in no time at all!) The next spring, they expanded the line-up even further with guitarist Casey Tremont, who filled in for Peter during a hand injury. Casey fit in so seamlessly, he was invited to become a permanent band member in August 2009, shortly after The Warning Label charged all the way to the finals in the Illinois Battle of the Bands. As a five-man ensemble, they recorded the second Warning Label album, In Control, at V-Note Studios. In early 2010, founding member Peter Cinko stepped away from the band to commence full-time studies at Northern Illinois University School of Music.

Frontman/guitarist/co-producer Kevin Iles attends Columbia College of Chicago for Audio Engineering and Production as well as working for A-Z Entertainment. Guitarist Casey Tremont is a student at Oakton Community College in Des Plains, and works for Minstrel Music in Niles, Illinois. He also designs and builds guitars with his father. Drummer Ben Silverman also currently attends Oakton Community College. Bassist German Maza (pronounced HERR-man), after graduating from Niles North High School, is focusing on music.

The group writes all of their songs collaboratively, each member contributing to each song. As singer/guitarist Kevin Iles describes it, "Someone brings in a riff or idea and we just build on it from there. Everyone puts in ideas . . . It's interesting to see how each song will turn out. Sometimes it will be what we expected, and other times it will be completely different. We just keep on working and letting it evolve until that magic moment when we're all satisfied.