The Warning Label

The Warning Label


With a catalog of original material that blends classic rock influences with metal and contemporary rock styles, The Warning Label has developed a reputation for its dynamic, pull-out-all-the-stops, high-energy stage performances.


The birth of The Warning Label occurred in 2003, when founding members Kevin Iles and Peter Cinko began playing together in an unnamed rock group. When that band dissolved in fall 2005, Kevin and Peter's growing musical friendship inspired them to form a new band in early 2006. Calling the band The Warning Label, they added to their line-up drummer Ben Silverman and bassist Mike Zabrin, two more musical soul mates with whom Kevin had been jamming in the jazz band rehearsal room at Niles North High School. Within only 3 months, the band had communally written several original songs – "Superstar," "American Dreamer," "Walk The Line," and "Paradise" -- which to this day continue to be crowd favorites in their rousing live sets.

By December 2007, after playing a string of successful gigs around Chicagoland, The Warning Label was ready to record its first full album, Human Condition. The album, released in January of 2008 on the group's independent label, created considerable local buzz that landed the Warning Label many new gigs, in ever larger and more prestigious venues – remarkable for a band whose members were still in high school.

In November 2008, with the departure of bassist Mike Zabrin – who left to pursue his passion for more traditional blues -- Kevin, Peter, and Ben welcomed a good friend and longtime fan, German Maza, as their new bassist. (Having already memorized their entire repertoire from the audience, he had the bass lines down in no time at all!) The next spring, they expanded the line-up even further with guitarist Casey Tremont, who filled in for Peter during a hand injury. Casey fit in so seamlessly, he was invited to become a permanent band member in August 2009, shortly after The Warning Label charged all the way to the finals in the Illinois Battle of the Bands. As a five-man ensemble, they recorded the second Warning Label album, In Control, at V-Note Studios. In early 2010, founding member Peter Cinko stepped away from the band to commence full-time studies at Northern Illinois University School of Music.

Frontman/guitarist/co-producer Kevin Iles attends Columbia College of Chicago for Audio Engineering and Production as well as working for A-Z Entertainment. Guitarist Casey Tremont is a student at Oakton Community College in Des Plains, and works for Minstrel Music in Niles, Illinois. He also designs and builds guitars with his father. Drummer Ben Silverman also currently attends Oakton Community College. Bassist German Maza (pronounced HERR-man), after graduating from Niles North High School, is focusing on music.

The group writes all of their songs collaboratively, each member contributing to each song. As singer/guitarist Kevin Iles describes it, "Someone brings in a riff or idea and we just build on it from there. Everyone puts in ideas . . . It's interesting to see how each song will turn out. Sometimes it will be what we expected, and other times it will be completely different. We just keep on working and letting it evolve until that magic moment when we're all satisfied.


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Recorded:V-Note Studios
Des Plaines, IL
August - November 2009

Mastered: Studio Chicago
Chicago, IL - December 2009

"Human Condition"
January 2008
Straydog Recording Studios, Chicago, IL

Set List

A typical set list includes our original material
with several covers.

Stranger To Love
In Control
Born Like This
Virtue Man
Chains of Evil
Last Time to Shine
American Dreamer
Walk the Line
Pressure Point

Lights Out In London - UFO
Motorhead - Ace of Spades
Shine - Collective Soul
Spinal Tap - Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You
Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Know
Black Sabbath - N.I.B.
AC/DC - Highway To Hell
Metallica - One
Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze
No Matter What - Badfinger