The Warrains

The Warrains


The Warrains sound has been described as hard to limit to one genre. Each song having a flavour of its own, there is a something for everyone to enjoy. The Warrains music covers pop, blues, folk, roots, acoustic, world, african, reggae and country.

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Written By: Sophie Pound

I think it's groundhog day again. From the moment I first wake it has begun, I'm never gonna shake it. Cause every day's the same. Feels like deja vu, oh is it true, have I not been here before. Seems nothings ever changed. Nothings gonna change, it's easy to get stuck inside this rut I'm in. Will it always be this way? I can't recall what it was like, I think it's all just too far away. I need a holiday. I need a holiday. I need a holiday, just for one day. Is there an echo in my head? I'm sure the question you just asked me I've already answered ten times today. My answer's still the same. It's a silly game we play, we have this conversation every day. I need to get away. Just to clear my head, remember who I am and what I used to say. I'm gonna stay in bed. If I sleep till noon the mundane tasks can stay undone, I'm sleeping instead. I need a holiday. I need a holiday. I need a holiday, just for one day. Just somewhere quiet with room to move and time to take in the view. It doesn't have to be too far away. Cause when I'm there all alone, I think of you. So I look at what I have. I'm surrounded by more than I could dream up in a fairytale. It's Christmas day again. And your smiling faces, eyes so bright, you remind me where I am. I'm on a holiday. I'm on a holiday. I'm on a holiday.