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"The Art of War"

The Art of War

“So that’s why!!”

That is what you may find yourself saying after experiencing The Art of War, the latest project from three strong brothers who call themselves simply, The Warriors.

The Austin, Texas trio’s name is an acronym derived from: We Are Righteous Redeemed Invaders Of Reality. Their edgy, hard-hitting sound is spiritual warfare, delivering the Enemy some Godly weapons of mass destruction.

Erv (Ervin Jackson), Proof (Corey Anderson) and Victorious (Ahmad Bell) start things off with the sizzling intro “Art of War”. After you’ve settled in, get ready to be served. This triple-threat sets it off with a bevy of tunes that make you want to holla and throw both of your hands up.

Though they have an original sound, there are some influences embedded within that are hard to miss —especially ATL’s hip-hop duo Outkast.

“Brand New” is mellow but ministry-filled, telling the grand story of how they too were living an unsurrendered life but once they accepted Christ every thing became brand new.

“Eyes On The Prize” is a bouncy song of motivation, its simple message being that no matter how hard it gets, you must never lose focus. For those with a clapping spirit, you too are not forgotten: “Clap 2 This” is something you’ll want to applaud, as the crew make a clangin’ statement.

“Set My Soul Free” is an awesome song of pride and joy, bursting with flavor about how good it is that holy hip hop artists who instead of rippin’ it for the secular are tearing it up in the name of God.

The Warriors wreck the mic in a laid-back style in “Fallen.” They spit a real story of how we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and time and time again, God swings the door open to welcome us back in. This same R&P flava is felt evident on “I Love You”, with background vocals from Damon O and A. Hoskins making it a love song to the King something to behold.

“How Many Times”, “Pressin’ On” and “Save Souls” are other scorching tracks you must lend your ear to. This Texas trio offers freshness to the Holy Hip-Hop family, and The Art of War is bound to get more than a “skip” on the player as The Warriors lay down straight up truth. At 18 tracks of rhythm, beats, and spiritual warfare, mixed up to offer some real praise, these Warriors can claim victory.
- Gospel Flava

"New Album Review"

New ALbum Review from Cross Rhythyms

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Reviewed by David Bain

After kicking out several solid, underground mix tapes, The Warriors drop a hot debut with 'The Art Of War'. The Texan trio have already gained big radio airplay Stateside and collected a dedicated crew of fans. Deservedly so, as their debut album aptly weaves up-front rapping with refined bass laden tracks. Check "Brand New" for a luscious piano riff and soulful vocal pointing heavenward. "Set My Soul Free" drops an infectious hook, set to make any dancefloor melt with delight. From start to finish it is clear that these guys have a heart to minister to people and the music and talent to back that up. An excellent, thumping debut of a punch.

- Cross Rhythms

"The Art of War"

Album Review by

In a World of Cookie Cutter Flows and Beats, God sends a Super Group from the Long Star State to Shine for King Jesus. The Art of War is the title of this CD but this is pure art in Rhyme form for the War of Souls. The Warriors which stands for We Are Righteous Redeemed Invaders of Reality (W.A.R.R.I.O.R.S.) consists of 3 Men of GOD Proof, ERV, Victorious that are ready to get down for the Kingdom. Know DaT.

If you didn't know, these brothers are TXHHHA winners for 2006 that says a lot. From the Jump off of Art of War the Intro this was done right. Vic flow was very fitting to let you know this is All for Christ Jesus. Funny thing about this Album is you can not tell this is a debut LP. If you can Capture Life on a record button these brothers pulled it off with Hooks such "Like the Last day of School, and Family Bar-B-Qs , Summer Swimming Pools and aaayyyhhh" from the Track "Remember That." After that track it just gets better and better. I am reminded of my old favorites 3rd Ward boyz and Geto Boys who I wish would give there lives to God but after here Da Warriors it "Set my Soul Free" as the track samples says as these brothers give props to G.O.D. for Gospel Rap.

From the Jump off Track the Art of War intro there are a couple of components that stick out about this release. One thing is these brothers aren't wet behind the ears on life and there experiences also, in the Word of GOD. Words that are well seasoned for ministry and you can hear where God has pulled them from so they were sent back for the Lost. Another important item that sets this CD apart from a lot of releases today is the production. Seasoned is the only word that you can get from these fiyah tracks. The standard of production for ministers of the Gospel has just gone up a couple of Bars.

Bottom line 18 Tracks of nothing but Holy Ghost Music no fillers straight Hits. So I say to Da Warriors THANK YOU for Allowing God to use you to make a Classic. I said it and won't take it back. This is a Must buy if you like mature gospel to the streets and the church and even give a ode to God on "I LOVE YOU." If this cd had a major promotion budget BET and MTV would have a change of heart from the Word of God that is preached in this CD.

Thank God that he still has Warriors in the Earth Realm

- Trailblazin Ministries

"Deuce From The Hot 93.3"

Deuce from 93.3's review

Monday, May 22, 2006


CD's have definitely fallen off. At least most of them. But I recently got a cd from a local group here in Austin. They are called the Warriors. Number one, they got lyrics. Number two they got something to say. I couldn't believe a group from Austin (outside of the cats I usually run with it) actually could put a whold cd togeter and it jam. They are rapping for Christ too. So I guess you could call it gospel rap, but you wouldn't know it at first listen. Open your mind and check them out on here:

- Deuce


Remember That 2006 (ascap)
Brand New 2006 (ascap)



The W.A.R.R.I.O.R.S.

The Warriors are a group of souled out believers from the great state of Texas. The group that consist of Victorious (Ahmad Bell), Erv. (Ervin Jackson)
and The Proof (Corey Anderson) started in 2003
when they made their first mix tape called My Fathers Business. Since then there has been two more: Street ministry and Divine Strategy. The last mixtape Divine Strategy won a THHHA for Best
Underground Cd of the year in 2006. In May of 2006
The Warriors released their freshman album called
The Art Of War with the first single “Remember That?” getting radio play on secular radio stations
in the Austin and Centex surrounding area. Drawing rave reviews from and internet radio magazines all over the web. Poised to make noise both in Christian Hip Hop and also Secular markets The Warriors are just blessed to be making a difference in the industry.

We are about our Fathers Business still to this day!
We believe that we were called and have gone thru to be chosen for such a time as this. Hip Hop is the voice of this generation so we use it to speak to this generation about Christ. We believe that Jesus is the son of GOD and that he is risen again so that we may have relationship with the Father. Proof belongs (and attends faithfully) Breath of Life Christian Fellowship where his Pastor and spiritual
Father is Apostle Robert Alexander. Victorious and Ervin attend Agape Christian Ministries where Bishop Lawrence A Wilkerson is the senior Pastor and the head of the Agape Family of Churches. “Bishop has been an inspiration and a spiritual father to me and a supporter to the Warriors” says Victorious. We believe in having a church home and
A spiritual Father that is very important!! You must if you are in authority be under it as well.