The Wartime Social
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The Wartime Social

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Live @ Stubbs"

They are One of the best bands to come out of the austin scene in a while. I am talking about The Wartime Social. This is the band i've been waiting for musically and "stylistically." Breaking the boundaries from post-grunge, modern-alt, and into epic-prog-rock .Think of it like this-Tool, Zepplin, and Bowie-crash land on an island, start writing songs together- what happens is The War Time Social ! The newest, musical endeavour by former A+Machinest, and Pavlovs-Dog, as well as stage-stealing guitarist for Johnny Goudie-Ryan Holley. I've seen him performing live for years, and truly the Wartime Social is something to be afraid of! The lineup is great, several stars in their own right make up the band Aaron, Barry, and Marty have had several successful bands, bringing them musically to a place that fits right in the pocket of Ryan's spacey-yet driving rock. Bringing the Low end is Canvas alumni-Brad-one of austin's finest stage-players! With that being said..the Music is Flawless! No one can cross boundaries like this. The ethereal layers of guitar sub-plotted by balls-out steady-beats, and thick basses, create a wall of sound that feels like Muse, but with a stick of dynamite ready to blow! The over- laying guitars, and keys help fill any sonic holes, while Ryans queen-like melodies soar into new realms of vocal-mastery. I love the way they capture everything about the style, & talent in the song Wither - a song so perfect, if your spine doesn't tingle, then you are paralyzed. The sweetness of Close your Eyes shows the versatility of the band. The live show was jaw-dropping to say the least. This band is a force to be reckoned with. Don't take my word, just go see them, and don't be surprised when you are mesmerized by the audio-adrenaline-filled sound that takes over your body! I give the (WartimeSocial) a perfect 5STAR RATING! *****

They represent everything a band could aspire to be! - Texas Music Review Online


"The World that never dies" - 2007



A strong collective built from musicians that hail from the late 90's Austin Music scene. Former members of A+ Machines, Canvas, Pavlovs Dogs, American Super Hero, and Turbo Dwarf have all come together to generate the next musical genre. Experiences that have stretched from the past decade, the members of the Wartime Social thought it would be time to put their respective talents toward a common goal. Former Pavlov's Dog frontman and A+ Machinist, Ryan Holley joined forces with Aaron Frescas (American Super Hero) and Barry Keesey (Turbo Dwarf) in the summer of 2005. Supporting each other in the Texas Regional live music scene, they felt it was time to mold their collective tastes into one sound. Then, in the summer of 2006 - the Wartime Social was complete with it's addition of former Canvas bassist, Brad Byram. Mark Son (Dynah) joined the group in early 2008 to complete our current lineup. With the collective talented songwriting and seductive bass lines, the Wartime Social had officially become a monster!

Covering such territory as Stubbs, Antones, Momos, and the Heart of Texas Music festival - the Wartime Social has shared the stage with such local notables as Johnny Goudie, Alpha Rev, and Rachel Loy.