The Wartime Social

The Wartime Social


With a wall of rock guitars and vocal acrobatics that mirror Pink Floyd and Jeff Buckley, The Wartime Social bring a unique and powerful new genre to life. Through the combination of atmosphere and space, the band has become a part the next major musical movement to embrace everyone.


A strong collective built from musicians that hail from the late 90's Austin Music scene. Former members of A+ Machines, Canvas, Pavlovs Dogs, American Super Hero, and Turbo Dwarf have all come together to generate the next musical genre. Experiences that have stretched from the past decade, the members of the Wartime Social thought it would be time to put their respective talents toward a common goal. Former Pavlov's Dog frontman and A+ Machinist, Ryan Holley joined forces with Aaron Frescas (American Super Hero) and Barry Keesey (Turbo Dwarf) in the summer of 2005. Supporting each other in the Texas Regional live music scene, they felt it was time to mold their collective tastes into one sound. Then, in the summer of 2006 - the Wartime Social was complete with it's addition of former Canvas bassist, Brad Byram. Mark Son (Dynah) joined the group in early 2008 to complete our current lineup. With the collective talented songwriting and seductive bass lines, the Wartime Social had officially become a monster!

Covering such territory as Stubbs, Antones, Momos, and the Heart of Texas Music festival - the Wartime Social has shared the stage with such local notables as Johnny Goudie, Alpha Rev, and Rachel Loy.


"The World that never dies" - 2007

Set List

Going Under
Close Your Eyes
The Veil
Stricken by the way
The Great Escape
The Cloak
The World that never dies
Scarlet Colored Burden
Good to be Alive
Have a Cigar (cover)