The Washingtons

The Washingtons


The Washingtons are a four-piece indie rock band from Providence, RI. With their well-crafted songwriting and passionate, no-holds-barred live performances leaving audiences awestruck, The Washingtons are poised to take the music scene by storm.


"With a simple seduction introducing your eyes into his world, Liam Hamel hollows your heart with a sweet soulful voice. Bar ye none yet! For spare thee easy minded meager man. Paired with the powerful presence of Ian Arieta; vocalizing his passion through creatively crafted lyrics while painting his masterpiece of music. Meet The Washingtons. With Providence, Rhode Island as setting, Ian and Liam have themselves poised proper to take on the world. Developing unique rhythms and melodies, coupled with beautiful harmonies and poetic lyrics, The Washingtons songwriting ability sits well identified amongst ideologies of rock n roll truists. Flying you on wings, their song structure is a hitchhiker’s open road journey. With pounding perpetual intelligence, Tim Early’s ultimately rhythmic drumming assist recorded song and stage performance to boost these well written psalms to another platform. Notwithstanding anything in the matter, into your ear slides the smooth deep sound of Dan MacKnight’s well educated bass bopping hand. Close your eyes and melt into sound. For the power, performance, passion, poetics and presence; allow into your life, The Washingtons."

-Ethan Cooper


Wisdom Teeth (LP)- Coming March, 2013
Triage (EP)- released February, 2012
produced by John Naclerio at Nada Studios, New Windsor, NY

Track listing:
Got No Face
Fingers Have Eyes

** all tracks are available for download for free at and have received airplay on various New England college and alternative radio stations