The Wax Bananas

The Wax Bananas

 Spearfish, South Dakota, USA

The Wax Bananas are a 4 piece rock group from The Black Hills of South Dakota, who focus on cranking out as many original tunes as they can. The Wax Bananas have a hard time placing themselves in conventional genres, so they took it upon themselves to create their own. Punk N' Roll


The Wax Bananas started in late 2010, With longtime bandmates Hadrian Kindt and Adam Mundorf who have been rocking with each other since they were in 6th grade. When they discovered Steven Cady was a madman behind the set The Wax Bananas were born. In the fall of 2011 they added a lead guitarist Sam Matson to give them a louder sound, and to allow more time for solos and jams. Shortly after they hit the studio, starting on their self-funded studio album. For about five months they were recording and living paycheck to paycheck, and finally finished "Tortured Artists".
All while this was happening, they played any gig they could! Living in South Dakota does not make it easy for any sort of musician, let alone an original rock band, opposed to a cover band. Besides that, The Wax Bananas still managed to land gigs opening up for national acts such as "The Queers", "Trigger Effect", and Japans "Guitar Wolf".
All that in only a two year period, and they do not plan on slowing down anytime soon. With four tracks all ready to go for the second album, lets just say, The Wax Bananas are a Punk N' Roll train with no brakes!


The Wax Bananas: Tortured Artists (April 2012, Studio Album)
streaming online at

The Wax Bananas track "Go Go Go" was featured as RadioK's (award-winning student-run radio station of the University of Minnesota) Track of the day in early February!

Set List

The Wax Bananas require a general PA System set up (Guitar Mics, Drum Mics, and one vocal mic) and nothing else!

As far as Setlist goes, The Wax Bananas have over an hour of original material. We generally switch up the set every show!