The Wax Buckets
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The Wax Buckets

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Band Rock Reggae


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Show at the Bistro De Paris last Thursday"

On Thursday June 4th at the Bistro De Paris I attended a ska show featuring a number of local bands such as "Brixton Robbers", "The Buttmuffins", "The Wax Buckets", "Reggae Dubline Corp" and Ontario's sensation "Keepin' 6". Unfortunately I couldn't stay for RDC due to the fact that I had to catch the last metro home to get up early for work the next day.

In any case I must admit having seen none of these bands before, and having no idea what to expect, I was blown away at how awesome each band was. The Wax Buckets kicked off the night with an immense amount of energy and enthusiasm. Catchy ska songs were belted out as various members stood up on the window sill, and the singer Mick jumped onto the floor skanking and setting the mood for a great night! I am highly anticipating their album, (and all the other bands albums). To top it off I had the pleasure of meeting each band member (one of which I had already known for a long time, Jenn you rock!) and they were all super chill and so much fun!

he Buttmuffins were on stage next, I highly enjoyed their set, especially when they covered a Leftover Crack song! They did it extremely well I was impressed, I give them major props for that!

The Brixton Robbers were on next and they totally set the mood for the rest of the night. I highly enjoyed their set, and people piled into the venue to see them play, seems they have quite a loyal fan base! A mosh pit formed and the energy exploded on stage and in the crowd! I had been in contact with Matt the drummer of the band for some time and had the pleasure of finally meeting him and the rest of the band as they drank beer outside of a van waiting to go on stage. I got to asking him some questions but I will not reveal any information of what we talked about, all questions and answers will be revealed in an interview which will be conducted soon from their jam space! ;-)

The last band I saw was Keepin' 6, I knew nothing about them however they were really amazing! Everyone seemed to enjoy them, I am planning to check out more of their songs. By the time they came on stage I was extremely drunk and my memory is quite blurry lol but I do remember them being really good, I hope to see them again not so wasted this time!

Thanks to all the bands for a great night, I will definitely be supporting you all and attending every show that I can!!!

Keep on skanking!

-Nat - Nat - Ska Montreal


Demos & videos available at : .
Recordings were made by members of the band and they hope to re-record with professional gear shortly.



JM started the band in september 2007. Mick and Mel came on board early 2008, Trevor and Santiago arrived in june 2009 and the brass section (Denis, Véro, Mélissa) joined The Wax Buckets in august 2009. The band went through quite a few line-up changes in order to find the sound they were looking for. The current formation works with a professional attitude and sounds better than ever.

The Wax Buckets have performed at several indie venues in Montreal and started working with promoters such as and Social Denis to refine their live performance. They usually play once a month in Montreal but would like to expand their horizons during 2010.