The Waxwings

The Waxwings



Detroit quartet The Waxwings aren't straight outta the garage. Rather they've perfected their sonic alchemy of late 60's Rolling Stones, vocal weavings of Buffalo Springfield and the Parson-age of eight mile high flights of fancy in the deepest of basements, bringing a sound to an audience starved for the affection of passionate craftsmen at the peak of their powers.

In Detroit's storied burnt-out landscape, you have to know where to look to find things of great beauty and originality. Here kindred spirits stick together, support each other, bonded in the same dynamic of creative survival defined by a bleak city in which community spirit is rebuilt building-by-building, block-by-block. The result is a vibrant music scene that isn't unlike others that have become legend in rock history - Factory-era Manchester, the swinging London over which the "The" bands lorded-- Faces, Kinks, Who, Pretty Things and the familial atmosphere of Haight Ashbury a continent away. This is the Detroit from which The Waxwings emerge.


Lets Make Our Decent - 2003
Shodows of The Waxwings - 2002
Low To The Ground - 2001