The Way

The Way


Some describe it as "fresh" rock - guitars with a bite complementing harmony-laiden vocals, reinforced by funk and rock grooves.


When cousins Dominic and B.C. started recording in their basement studio, they had a specific concept of the sound they desired. Their initial lo-fi demos soon developed into what some call a "fresh rock" sound, a consistently energetic rock sound driven by jangly guitars and rock grooves remnant of The Police. Also influenced by groups like Copeland, Switchfoot, Maroon 5, John Mayer, and Jimmy Eat World, Dom and B.C. strove to keep their lyrical writing up to par with the lyrical gurus of today. They then teamed up with original guitarist Clayton Hochstrasser who left the group in the winter of 2004, and guitarist Adam Hundley, who was added in the spring of 2004. Hundley brought a whole new energy to the group's live performance, and enabled the three part harmonies which so defined the band's sound to take place on stage. Making sure their live sound remained consistent in energy and full in sound, The Way has currently placed guitarist Jordan Sapp at the lead guitar spot. Jordan's talents and energy have only increased the band's live energy and charisma. The band is currently finishing their first LP, Victim of the Heart with well renown producer Rick Witkowski (, who has worked with such acts as Donnie Iris, Wild Cherry, Nobadjuju, Brownie Mary, The Happy Accidents, Joe Gruscheky, B.E. Taylor, Margot B, and many more.


What You're Here For - Released 2003

Set List

The Way's typical set list (usually 45 mins. - 90 mins.) includes the original songs: Don't Give Up On You, Awakened, Story of Love, Back In My Heart, Crusade, Regret It, Be With You, Need to Be, Dear Journal, No Time, Amazing, Changes In Me, Mountain, Do You Know? Cover songs typically include: Praise Chorus - Jimmy Eat World, Stars - Switchfoot, Brightest - Copeland, Clarity - John Mayer, This Is Your Life - Switchfoot