the WAY

the WAY

 Oxnard, California, USA

we are an energetic, tight, dedicated, hard working socal punk band from oxnard ca.! our live performances are passionate and we pour it all out in front of our fans. come prepared to have a great time and get caught up with our positive outlook on life!


The WAY is a punk band from the 805 that was formed in January of 09. In a short time they have managed to gain a reputation for having very energetic, fast paced shows that grab your attention from the first note hit to the last beat of their set. This group of passionate musicians with relatively little experience playing live pour out their soul on stage and let it all out during their set. Coming to a "the WAY" show is like getting a punch in the face! You will defiantly be knocked on your ass if your not ready!! The band is made up of 4 guys who are deeply dedicated to their craft and are hard working to perfect it. In a short time the WAY has played all over Southern California and aspires to move out farther and farther to spread the good news! The WAY is also deeply spiritual and always open to how the Holy Spirit inspires them. Serving Jesus Christ is the one driving factor that fuels this tight, hard working band. Behind the drums is Ryan Reynolds. He provides the solid foundation the WAY needs in order to bring it's energetic sound to your ears! He has been around the 805 punk scene for many years and has a blast on stage! On rhythm guitar is the self described "metal head" of the WAY, Harry B.! This guy has solid riffs, great timing and is a huge ball of blazing fire all in one! Formerly the guitarist of "r.i.p. the old me", Harry has fallen into place with the WAY quite nicely. Holding up the bottom end of things on the bass is Julian a.k.a. Tank. Julian has been jammin on the bass for a few years but only recently started jamming with a band for the first time. His consistency, monstrous chops, and and great stage presence make him a vital part of the WAY's music and performance. Tearing up the eardrums of a stunned audience with massive and epic leads on the guitar is Manny V.! Playing with a live act is a new experience for Manny but you would never guess that once you seen him play! Last and certainly least comes one who is defiantly not new to the 805 punk scene. Having sang and played bass for bands such as "burning bush", "Keep Right", "Sector 7g", "victory33", and "Broken" over the course of 13 years makes Johnny the old man of the WAY! Being able to give up the bass and concentrate on lead vocals has allowed him to put on a show that will leave a lasting impression on any audience! And that's what the WAY will leave you with! An impression that will stick with you for a long time. When you see their performance you will get caught up in the energy and enthusiasm that drives these guys. You will be touched by there sincerity and down to earth attitude. The WAY is a group that you will want to hang with and just have a great time! !!!


we have one e.p. out with a total of four songs on it. it was recorded last year and are looking foreward to getting back in the studio later this year to release a full lenth album.