The Way Back

The Way Back


3 men fight against the boredom of the world. Their only weapons are downstrokes and broken cymbals. Rock and roll may be dying, but we're gong down with the ship.


Formed in 2001 to put the rock back with the roll, TheWayBack have survived using the only skills they know; 4 chords and a good stomp.


2008- "Friends To The End" split 12" e.p. with The Undesirables. Twin Propeller Records. 6 songs each band.

#1 on CILU 102.7 fm charts for multiple weeks.

2006- (Machine) released on the independent Twin Propeller Records label. 12 songs.

-#1 on CILU 102.7 FM for 3 consecutive weeks
-still charting in the top 10 at CILU 102.7 FM for
over 5 weeks

2001-2005- various e.p's have appeared over the last few years, usually in the range of about 50 copies per e.p.
-airplay on Duluth, Minnesota's College Radio

-have videos for "Snap City" and "Murder Reward", both directed by up-and-coming director Derek Smith.

Set List

Our set is usually about 30-40 minutes. We tend to play about 12 songs per show.