The Way

The Way


The Way is a mix of folk, rock, pop, and soul, with a twist of jazz. It's sort of like The British invasion ended up in Chicago and recorded at Motown while Marvin Gaye was singing in bathroom the whole time.


I had been writing as a solo artist for a few years and really missed the dynamic of a full band. There is no greater feeling than playing a song you've written in front of an audience with a tight, knowledgeable, and versatile band behind you. They determine whether or not it's going to fly. If they're off, then I'm off, but they're never really off (even when they're off). Cocky? Maybe, but that's how much faith I have in these guys behind me. They rock.

There is an energy live that is hard to recreate in the studio. We try our best, but it never quite encapsulates the live performance (maybe we just haven't worked with the right producer yet). Each one of us comes from a schooled background and has played in numerous projects. We all are extensions of our instruments and I believe that comes through on the stage- in personality, style, and "voice". You can talk about music all you want, but when it comes down to it, you just need to listen. Thanks for taking the time to check us out.
-Joe Tkach


On the Way to Well (11 song L.P.)
As with all significant things...(9 song L.P.)

Songs from both albums on MySpace and Facebook pages.

Set List

Joe Tkach performs his music solo as well as with the full band and books both acts as "The Way".

Usually 2- 45min. sets

Songs from both L.P.'s and a few covers. Songs/Artists covered: Donovan- "Sun"; Iron and Wine-"Upward over the Mountain", "Naked as we came"; Nick Drake "Hazey Jane II", "From the Morning"; Roxy Music "Out of the blue"; Neil Young "Old Man"; and others