The Way of Dance

The Way of Dance


The Way of Dance troupe brings to life the art of ancient civilizations through classical and traditional forms, in the service of rituals and rhythms of cultures far removed from our own in space and time, reviving the splendor of the past and enriching the present.


Lesandre Ayrey, director of The Way of Dance, was born in Australia and started dance lessons in Paris at the age of five. A graduate of the Royal Ballet School, London, she has studied, taught, and performed the world's great dance traditions from the Far & Mid East and Indonesia. Her Indonesian dance teachers include I. Nyoman & Nanik Wenten, as well as Balasundari & Balasaraswati in S. Indian dance. She has been performing and teaching Eastern dance since 1973. Lesandre presently teaches advanced ballet for the California Arts Academy and the Performing Arts Center as well as leads her own troupe in S. Indian Classical Dance, Javanese Court Dance and Balinese Ritual Dance.


A full length DVD classical Javanese Court Dance called "Serimpi Gondokusumo" is performed by Lesandre and Nuria, demonstrates the high standard of refined beauty and movement that was admired in the palaces of ancient Indonesia. This is a high quality professional video shot in October 2006.

DVD (21 min.) $75.00 Inquiries/Orders

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Set List

Sets 20 - 45 mins.
Typical repetoire is presenting the traditional dances from Java, Bali, and South India.