The Way to Go

The Way to Go

 Oslo, Oslo County, NOR

The Way to Go is rock and roll played with brains.


The Way to go rose from the ashes of the renowned Norwegian rockband Senit in november 2009. Very recently that is.

TWTGo seeks inspiration in both the smaller and the bigger things, focusing on the ambivalence of postmodern society.


A whole lotta darkness

Written By: Endre Harnes

You try to tell me where it all went wrong/and I hear you/but I guess I wasn't tagging along/cause all you're saying is that there's a whole lotta darkness/a whole lotta shit/and wat I'm thinking is then guess we gotta deal with it.

So I say; baby, baby I'm okay.

And to the lonely people who all sold out/trying to sell your misread view of what it's all about/well as you live and breathe you'll handle gallons, tons of piss/just hand me what you got cause all I will be saying is

I'll say; baby, I'm okay.


Released two EPs under the name Senit: Welcome (2007) and Overboard (2008)