The Way Up

The Way Up


With an explosive onstage chemistry and songwriting sensibilities that would make even the most seasoned veteran blush, TheWayUp delivers big guitars, a pulsating backbeat, and soaring harmonies which are sure to excite, amaze, and entertain.


The Way Up is a band worthy of your ears, heart , mind, and time.

Dave Ross is a singer/songwriter with a great fondness for the improvisation of classic blues and jazz and the compositional approach of classical music. Dave has self-released one album (2007's "You") and is currently recording his sophomore solo album, "The Mend."

John Pioli [formerly of Squee, Dead Air Motion Picture, and Falling Season] is a monster guitar player with perfect pitch and a master's degree from the University of North Texas in jazz studies. A skilled singer/songwriter, John has self released two albums under the name Mad Lucas (2005's "Keep The Promise You Can't Say," and 2006's "CodeName: Li") and hopes to release a third in 2009. Onstage, John is notoriously known for blurry photographs, due to his manic energy which sees him either in the air or on the floor.

Dan Carlisle has been playing bass for the past ten years. In this time he has backed Rachael Yamagata and played with Oz Noy, just to name a few. Dan’s professional attitude, musical aptitude, and incredible stage presence make him a perfect fit for the group.

Nate Moore [formerly from Tractor Flip and The Risk Taken] is the kind of drummer you want in your band. He is super skilled, creative as they come, keeps good time, and is kind and agreeable. Prior to joining TheWayUp, Nate appeared with hardcore band The Risk Taken on one release with Stillborn Records. Currently, he and Dave Ross can also be seen playing with the band Sarianna & The Swell.

Together these guys become more than the sum of their formidable parts. Sort of a Beatles meets Hendrix meets the 80's and 90's college radio sound. TheWayUp share moments with the audience and make the time feel special. With unparalleled heart and incredible energy, TheWayUp is a band that you will WANT to see.



Written By: John Pioli

It was a bad day in a police car
It was a bad joke you'd taken too far
When in the trial stage
All had gone so well
But when you saw those lights
You should've run like hell
You were one last strike away
From violating one more term of your
And yet a tuck and roll away
From being one step closer to your own

It was a Saturday, he had a fast car
He had a black eye and took his shirt off
There was no one way
To compete with that
As my hopes and your jaw
Dropped in five seconds flat
You were gone in the blink of an eye
Without any remorse or
I'd give anything to understand
Your mindframe and your lack of

So wantingly
So wantonly
So wrong of me

It was a bad shame
I'd took the wrong road
Another red card, another false hope
I guess I said some things
Way off the cuff
I guess I tried too hard
It just wasn't enough
This was worse than the time
That I drunk real drunk before
Your sister's intervention
And there was nothing that
I could've done to ameliorate
The situation

So longingly
So wrongingly
So wrong of me

So much for "pulling it off" so well
So much for stings that hurt like hell
So much for right things said
At the right time
I'd rather bail out

So much for bad days
So much for bad luck
So much for bad things
They never wear off

So much for "pulling it off" so well
So much for stings that hurt
Like hell.


Written By: John Pioli

You're turning to run as I'm turning to gin again. What is it about this room that beckons an argument? It echoes all our words until God knows when.

You're turning your head as I am turning to strike a match inside of a room that is a powder keg to light my cigarette; the calm before the storm that i won't soon forget.

I am alone on this one, and, near as I can tell, I'll be alone on this one.

I am alone on this one. Blast it all to hell, I'll be alone on this one.


Written By: John Pioli

When the time comes, when the time is closing in, I will run 'cause I'm not attached nor am I excited. Don't get me wrong, I'm just still undecided.

When night falls, when night is dawning in, best you run. Best if you're gone.

Don't get attached, don't get too excited. You're not alone, but you weren't invited.

Whomsoever dares, whomsoever TRIES to dare would still have tried. Whomsoever cares, whomsoever could care LESS would still have cared. Of that I'm aware.

Don't get attached, don't get too excited. You're not alone, but you weren't invited.

It would be great if I could be positive, be sure of it; if it's not the world, then it just isn't worth it.


Fledgling Flight (2006 live bootleg)
So This Is The Old Year EP (2006 live bootleg)
Nothing To Say/Saturday (2007 official singles)
Contractual Obligation EP (2007; covers EP)
Live @ The Windsock (2007 official live bootleg)
Live @ SafeToSwim (2008 video/audio bootleg)
Live @ The Bitter End (2008 video/audio bootleg)
Live @ Hat City (2008 official live bootleg)
Twenty Five Hours Later EP (2009, official release)

Set List

A typical set lasts 45-60 minutes, and is comprised entirely of original material. The most current song list is as follows below:

you should know
new you
peptide rule
in the clear
away we go
aye aye
the pearl before the swine
keep yourself