The Weakness

The Weakness


Punk and rock chaos harnessed and channeled into tight bursts of pop intelligence. Youthful garage ethos with brains and a knack for killer hooks that never skimps on energy and passion.


The Weakness effectively call both Cincinnati, OH and Bloomington, IN home, the latter being headquarters for In The Fridge Records, the label that is co-run by drummer Michael Squeri. The brainchild of songwriter Kevin Doyle, The Weakness take rock music and pop melodies to places they've never been before, playing linear song structures that move along as soon as they've settled, refusing any and all possible labels of "verse" and "chorus". But while the moments may move fast, the songs stay with you long after the feedback recedes, as truly timeless melodies are imbedded into each of these whirlwinds of distortion and punk propulsion. Equipped with a straight-faced garage-rock ethic, The Weakness are at once intelligent and chaotic, intricate yet raw. While harkening back to the hayday of indie rock, The Weakness also cull influences from such disparate sources as Jack Kerouac, Suicide, and Roy Orbison.


Kinda Nice b/w Soo Alive 7"
The Weakness - s/t full-length

Set List

set length: 30-40 minutes
originals only