the Wearings

the Wearings


The Wearings take the beauty and power of Abbey Road and mix it with the precise arrangements of Elliott Smith's XO and the experimental energy of Wilco's A Ghost is Born. Soaring guitar leads converse with punchy rock piano riffs, backed by tight drum/bass grooves, all surrounding honest vocals.


For their first studio outing, the Wearings crafted a set of songs that maintain the variance in genre and the precision in arrangement that they’re known for, while tightening up and focusing their sound, all for an ambitious and polished record.
The band formed in the summer of 2008. Harrison Garcia (vocals/bass/guitar), Mike Golas (lead guitar/bass), and Mark Maxwell (vocals/piano) moved in together and, with Robby Gomez (drums), they wrote and recorded their demo, The Manor Tapes. The new quartet handed out over a thousand hand-spun copies over the next eight months, playing meanwhile to audiences large and small. At the Imagine Peace Paint-In on John Lennon’s birthday, the band played to hundreds of artists and music lovers at Denver’s Civic Center Park. One listener referred the band to Brad Smalling of Evergroove Studio. The following spring, Smalling and the Wearings co-produced a self-titled EP at Evergroove, the Front Range’s only solar-powered recording studio.
The six songs on the new EP are driven equally by contemporary indie sensibilities and classic rock & roll. The guitars are reminiscent of Elliott Smith, but informed by the jazz and funk styles Golas is trained in. The bass and drums keep a smart but grooving rhythm, while Maxwell’s keys and vocals color the songs with distinct and memorable melody.
In the next year, the band plans to tour for the first time, and to continue playing shows frequently in their hometown. And of course, they’re constantly experimenting with new material. They are proud of the work they’ve done in their first year, but one thing is certain about the Wearings: these four guys are too restless to settle for any less than the best music they can make.


the Wearings
recorded/mixed by Brad Smalling at Evergroove Studio in Evergreen, CO March-April 2009
mastered by Jim Wilson at Airshow Mastering May 2009

1. Sound of Leaving
3. Bottom Line (Five.Eight)
4. Evenver
5. City Underground
6. Happy Endings

The Manor Tapes demo - self-produced/-distributed 2008

1. Christmas
2. Grey Green Mirror
3. Murphy
4. Locked Inside
5. Gods I've Known

Set List

The Wearings play 30-70 min. sets. The band generally play original songs only. However, the band have many popular songs in their repertoire, including hits by Cake, RHCP, Maroon 5, and David Gray.