The Weather Inside

The Weather Inside


Meshing vintage beats, 80s melodies, atari bits, male/female vocals, and lush orchestral arrangments, both memorable and danceable tunes. together these elements make The Weather Inside,


In the musical world we live in today, our environment is polluted with overnight musicians, unused suitcase studios, "Check my band out" myspace requests, and cloned emo boys crying of lost love and world weary at age 16. So where is the subtance? What is the difference you ask? The difference is The Weather Inside. It's what you feel, what you see, what you taste, and what you hear in the drama of life. The vibrato of weeping cellos dancing across an army of vintage beats, the soulful speak of vocalist Jesse Cohen's voice, the soft crackle of your favorite 1960s vinyl, and the summer of '82 spent playing atari. The future of popular music, The Weather Inside.


The Weather Inside:Colourful year 2007
distribution:Twilight Recordings, The Basement Records, Devout :USA, England, Germany, Israel

Set List

Most of our songs or music beds are generally 5 minutes long and we currently perform 1- 1/2 hour sets.