The WeatherVanes

The WeatherVanes

 Takoma Park, Maryland, USA

The WeatherVanes are a folk ‘n’ roll band based out of Alexandria, VA. Their influences include; Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, Josh Ritter, and Ryan Bingham. Their music is a great mix of folk, blues, rock, and pop. They bring great energy to the stage, and will leave you wanting more.


It was the cold heart of February, 2010 when Jackson Edwards found himself playing lap steel in a basement in Washington, DC. He was working through songs with a thrown together folk group for an upcoming show. One of these thrown together members was a drummer who called himself Seth Brown (later Jackson came to know his real name was actually Seth Brown, and not just a flashy stage name). After more than one frustrating practice and only one frustrating show, Seth mentioned to Jackson that he was drumming in another project in Virginia and that maybe Jackson could round out the band on guitar.The next week Jackson found himself in a practice space with a smooth headed bass player named Marc Kannenberg. The band was progressing nicely but because of scheduling conflicts the train derailed after just a few shows. Again Seth and Jackson, and now Marc found themselves looking for an outlet. Jackson mentioned that he knew some songs so maybe they could work up enough material as a trio to play some shows. After a couple months the three slowly got enough material together to blues their way through an hour set. Sensing that something was lacking the guys decided to start the search for a forth. They posted on CraigsList looking for a keys player, preferably with some vocal ability. They struck gold in late July when Dustin Brandt answered the call. Only weeks removed from graduation with a degree in piano and voice Dustin settled in quickly.

The four piece decided to call themselves “The WeatherVanes”, hoping that the name would conjure images of weather, dust, the south, and roots music. By August the boys were playing out regularly, working through new material as well as refining some of Jackson’s previously established songs. Being musical veterans in the area, Seth and Marc were able to secure gigs at some local watering holes like The Evening Star, Vermilion, and West Over Market. The band also introduced the music to established bands in the area like Brother Shamus, The Walkaways, The Reserves, and Wes Tucker. These bands were gracious enough to allow The WeatherVanes to open shows and gain exposure at larger venues like IOTA and Jammin’ Java. These relationships and exposure resulted in an explosion of interest in the band, which led to a headlining slot at IOTA in January of 2011.


Making Strangers EP - 2009

South Bound - 2011

Morning Light EP - 2012