The Weaver Project

The Weaver Project


The Weaver Project is a band who's sound is like none other. There combination of Rock, Country and Soul pulls together a unique sound that will leave you craving so much more.


The Weaver Project is music that is honest, close to home, and screams what others are afraid to speak. "I Don't Know Why" sings about the pain and confusion caused by suicide, "Scarred" screams of the anger of how past words can haunt someone for life if not broken. "Home To Me" Is about not being excepted for who you are in the place you are in, and how hard life can be in those moments.
Garrett has been singing since as long as he can remember. He states, "Music was always been around me, my father listened to bands like The Beatles, Cheap Trick, Jimi Hendrix, The rock bands of the 60's and 70's, with a little hint of 90's Alt, my mother listened to Christian Music, and Country, so I got a pretty broad perspective of music growing up." When asked about his influences in his song writing he said, "I listen to alot of Staind, Three Days Grace, Alot of Amped up music, but I also listen to Slow stuff, Shane and Shane, Micheal Bolton, I love it all, but I try to write from me, and not the music, I try to put my all into every song, and be original."
Beth grew up in music her father was the co-founder of a bluegrass band that has been playing for 30+ years. She began playing violin at the ago of 3 years old, and has played through out her life.
The Weaver Project is different from other bands, because they like to talk to the fans and get to know the people. Their music is honest, and tells the truth.


June 2007 The Weaver Project - EP did a 3 song ep that is currently being cycled to some radio stations, and college radio stations. They currently in rotation on a few indie internet music sites.