The Weavils

The Weavils


The Weavils perform an eclectic mix of originals & covers from all styles. Shows are custom made to engage, entertain & move any audience.


Celebrating 15 years of rockin' people to their very core!

Grateful Web's Band of the Month
for April 2007

The Weavils were formed on January 29, 1992 and have been performing together live since that date. Based all over Wisconsin, band members claim home to the
Madison area, Fox Valley, and Central Wisconsin.

The Weavils' passion for well-played music is best reflected in their energetic live performances that combine a healthy mix of originals and covers from influences like The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, The Doors, Dr. John,
The Who, Phish, Todd Rundgren, Blue Oyster Cult, The Radiators and far more worthy others that wouldn't fit on this list.

Each handcrafted set keeps the audience engaged, entertained, and dancing while still satisfying the band's need to challenge and push themselves to grow musically.
The Weavils will not only play the song you want to hear with the same passion as if it were their own, but also the songs you forgot you loved and songs you'll enjoy hearing for the first time.

Jeff Gauss is the guitarist, lead vocalist, and a founding member. He's been performing since 1980 with bands ranging from folk and blues to rock, pop, and theatre.
Previous bands include Oasis, Envelopment, Piecework, Chris Plata with Extra Hot (featuring Clyde Stubblefield), Barb Bazaldua Band, Olive Parade, The Lizardz, 3 Day Stubble (featuring legendary blues guitarist John Davis), solo acoustic shows, and an acoustic duo with former Weavil Hawk Hawkins.
Jeff's theatrical credits are as assistant musical director and guitarist for Act Two/Mainstage Productions/Theatrix's versions of Jesus Christ Superstar,
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat & Evita.
Jeff has also worked as a house soundman at the Crystal Corner Bar, the Portal Music Cafe, and The Annex in Madison and mixes live sound for several bands including
El Donk and PROG.

Dean Tassone is the drummer and one of the founding members of The Weavils. He also provides lead and backing vocals from behind his drum set. Dean is a seven-year alumnus of the award-winning Americanos Drum & Bugle Corps, and performed along with Gauss in a previous project called Piecework before forming The Weavils.
Dean is the backbone of the band providing a relentless driving groove while controlling the dynamics of the band with a mere flick of a stick. Dean is also a full time father, husband, and boss - running his own company in Appleton, WI. Still, he has found the time to take the stage with acts like Little Cisco, Bobby Evans and the Alimony Blues Band, The Great Garbonzos, Otto's Jacket, Father Mac (Beatles Tribute) and with Geppy on two live recreations of Pink Floyd's "The Wall."

John Luc Finucan is the keyboardist, vocalist, and accordion player for The Weavils. John has played with bands throughout the Midwest since 1981 including Thef, Dizzy's Horn, Accelerators, Politix, and the Blue Olives - covering styles from jazz to classical, experimental, pop, and blues.
With his solo album "Mystery Light," John has asserted himself as one of the state's finest pianist/keyboardists and still does command solo performances for elite audiences. John joined The Weavils in 1994 and resides in Edgerton, WI.

Mike Gephart is the bass player and vocalist. "Geppy" joined The Weavils in 1996 after spending two years admiring them from the dance floor. He has been performing live since 1989 in every style from country to heavy metal. Bands that have benefited from Geppy's in-the-pocket groove are Dark Ages, The Alamo Band, F.B.N.C, Bobby Evans' Dairyland Kings, The Groove Pilots, The Great Garbonzos, Otto's Jacket, Father Mac, A tribute to Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and, most recently, a 6 year stay as bassist for Boneyfingers from Milwaukee, WI. In addition, Gep has played bass for such theatrical productions as "Jesus Christ Superstar", and "A Chorus Line."
Geppy currently resides in Oshkosh, WI with his wife and dog.

Each member of The Weavils contributes to songwriting and vocals.

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-Make it Happen-
The Weavils' debut studio album including a few live cuts recorded at
Barney's 12/97 in Oshkosh, WI

-Live at the Barrymore-
Recorded 5/8/99, this CD captures the incredible live show performed when the Weavils opened up for Natty Nation at the
Barrymore Theatre in Madison, WI

This fine hour-long disc features both studio and live tunes from the
mid-nineties Weavils lineup

Recorded 7/11/98, this double CD captures the band at their
favorite outdoor summer festival,
in Sugar Bush, WI

Recorded 7/12/03 with a MULTI-TRACK setup, this new piece captures
The Weavils at their favorite festival...again...
and sonically blows away all previous releases!

Two acoustic (unplugged) performances, recorded on 4/21/04 at
Milwaukee's Shank Hall and 7/18/03 at Madison's The Annex.
These unique performances were opening slots for Michele Rundgren and
The Brain Surgeons, respectively

Set List

A typical Weavils show spans 4 hours with three sets combining original music and covers to suit the situation, the crowd, and the moment.

Shorter festival slots needn't require a set break. It's a non-stop Weavil highlight reel.

Samples of past shows' sets:
>>>>>>> * 12/7/7 * <<<<<<<<
Cold Shot Bar
Appleton, WI
Set 1
Mr. Charlie>
Party 'til the Money Run Out (w/ Take Me Down to N'awlins Town intro)
Dance of Death>Not Fade Away>Mona>Not Fade Away
Green Onions
Sleepin' Pill
Dear Prudence +
High Noon in New Orleans
Braek on Through (to the Other Side) (w/ Not to Touch the Earth vocal)

Set 2
Television Zombies
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding +
Women Are Smarter>Sympathy for the Devil>They Love Each Other
Angie's Basement tease
Sir Segramore
Bertha +>Boogie On Reggae Woman
Rock and Roll

Set 3
Make It Happen>Franklin's Tower>Dark Star Jam>Mike's Song>Satisfy>
Another Brick in the Wall Parts 2 and 3>Goodbye Cruel