The Wedding Industrial Complex
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The Wedding Industrial Complex

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"Garage Band-O-Rama"

Derek Senn has been a one man band, but he's just about had his fill of that. The single member of The Wedding Industrial Complex-who in the past has played guitar, bass, drums, percussion, harmonica, piano, vocals, and backing vocals-recently added a second member, his wife, drummer Melanie Senn, who is ripe with child. The happy couple is praying for a bassist, gender undetermined, to complete their power trio.
His 11-song, self-titled collection from 2002 contains one of my favorite Wedding Industrial Complex songs, "The Drinky Drink," which sounds like Iggy Pop singing the blues drunk off his ass: I love the drinky drink. I love the drinky drinky drinky drinky drinky drink. The drinky drink makes my mouthy mouth water. The drinky drink makes my heady head pound harder. But only when I've had too much drinky drink, then I start to think that I don't want no more drinky drink. But my brain says it will make me feel better, so lets have another drinky drink together.
Sheer genius!
Every so often a new Wedding Inudstrial Complex single shows up on my desk, like the most recent single, "Homme de Guerre," which came with a note: "More lovely music from me! This is my latest smash hit single self-righteous post-Katrina diatribe. It rocks! Well, from a totally non-objective, narcissistic perspective."
The man's funny too.
Listen to some music, contact the artist, and figure out how to send him money for his CD, by visiting - Glen Starkey, New Times, San Luis Obispo, 12/1/05


The Wedding Industrial Complex. Self-recorded. 2002
The Sophomoric Effort. Self-Recorded. 2005.



Derek and Melanie Senn are married and have a beautiful new son named Diego. They also ROCK! They are smart. Did I say they ROCK!? Anyways, they write about all kinds of stuff. Occasionally, Derek gets fired up about politics and writes a three chord tirade. They have also written about subjects as varied as having a kid (Baby in the Belly) their fondness for the Drink (The Drinky Drink), or Augusto Pinochet's repressive military dictatorship in Chile (Strongman) and other fun, uplifting topics.

Derek performs some songs with just an acoustic guitar and a harmonica, while others are performed with Melanie on drums and Derek on electric guitar. This provides for a nice contrast.

The Wedding Industrial Complex is somewhat difficult to categorize, but for lack of a better term they should be classified as rock because they ROCK! They hope to encourage others who have things like kids and dogs and mortgages and day jobs and dinette sets and Lladros and Prozac to start a band and ROCK!

TWIC has opened up for Jackie Greene, The Shamblers, Dirty Martini, Travis Warren (Blind Melon) and Tim Bluhm (The Mother Hips).