The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party


An organic indie folk trio with quick and catchy lyrics combined with strong musical composition. All of this intertwined with a fun and energetic live show that is sure to bring audiences out.


The Wedding Party is an Indie Folk three-piece string band from Lakeland, Florida. Baby-faced front man Drew Cox leads the charge, while his bearded cohorts David Carmichael and George Brinkley complete the posse. Their organic, upbeat sound may cause bouts of uncontrollable movement in the hips and feet as Cox strums and croons to the truck stop thump of Brinkley’s bass and Carmichael’s honky-tonk accouterments.

Guitar in hand and kazoo between his teeth, former Luxembourg drummer Drew Cox formed The Wedding Party in February 2006 when he teamed up with longtime friend, lead guitarist, and harmonica/tambourine master David Carmichael. Drew and Dave then sought the experience and style of upright bassist George Brinkley, formerly of The Callahans and Luxembourg, in February 2007. The addition completed their distinctive, throwback sound. The Wedding Party’s retro flare was influential in contributing to the quickly emerging local music scene in Lakeland. They continue to consistently draw an enthusiastic audience throughout central Florida. The Wedding Party signed with SteelStarr Media in early 2008, leading to the production of their long awaited full-length debut album Welcome to Your Twenties. With a dedicated fan base, and having already composed over a dozen original songs that have yet to be recorded, The Wedding Party is set for success.



Written By: The Wedding Party

(Verse 1)
Well I went to a place where a lot of young men go.
Some who step in the door are never seen anymore.
Duty honor and country are the lessons that they teach.
If you sign the dotted line you're gonna get your degree.

Well sign up for the thrill, and others come for valor.
Some sign up for the gun and with it all its power.
Three square meals a day and a steady pay.
Its a hell of a lot better, its better than what I'm doing today.

I might be shipping out to the N-A-V-Y, I don't know.
I might be falling in to the A-R-M-Y,
Cause they'll make me a disciple with a uniform and rifle in my hand.

(Verse 2)
Great granddad was a sailor, he had the task of catapulting
Planes into the air, against the terror of the kamikaze
He set out from the harbor at the age of 19, to loosen the emperors hold over the islands and the seas.

Well the face of war has changed but one thing still remains the same
You gotta give your life for what you believe.
And no poor bastard won a war by dying for his country
When the cannonballs start to fly gotta send the enemy to the bye and bye

(Chorus) X 2

A Day at The Park

Written By: The Wedding Party

You bring your book, I'll bring my magazine
We'll sit and read while our kites tug at the string
I'll bring my blanket if you bring your radio
I'll sing you those pretty tunes and hum the ones that I don't care to know

With weather like this how could you refuse to put on your running shoes
We can climb and we can swing on the jungle jim.
If you want to get out and away from him, you don't have to think about anything,
You don't want to.

Get a Real Job

Written By: The Wedding Party

(Verse 1)
You gotta make that dollar, gotta keep that cash.
Gotta keep clothes on your back anyway that you can,
Work your hands to the bone
And when you get home, kick up your feet and embrace the routine

Get a real job
Face the Music
Can you hear it?
Overpowering the sound of your desires
Overpowering the sound of your desires

(Verse 2)
Well the bank is calling and the tax man too.
Money gets tight when the bills are due,
Spread yourself thin.
There's no way to win, there's no where to hide so get yourself in line.



Written By: The Wedding Party

(Verse 1)
Some have said, "Life is just a bed, it's all in how you make it"
Sometimes you get company, Other times you are so alone, it feels like you are dead.
I say, "Life is all a game, it's all in how you gamble."
There are times every chip on the table is yours, there are times your so down and out you can't afford the air you breathe.

So I'm going all in, throw your chips down boys,
I guess we'll see who comes out ahead.
Yeah I'm going all in, call my bluff girl you know you'll win
Wouldn't be the first time.

(Verse 2)
Didn't choose the game just the way that I play it,
Like an underdog, a champion on a punch drunk comeback
Doesn't matter what they odds are against me, no
Bet your last dollar, I'll giv'em a run for the money

We don't play roulette with our lives,
We don't roll the dice,
We're much more in control,
Some cards you hold, some cards you fold,
It's all up to you now.

(Chorus) X 2


Written By: The Wedding Party

(Verse 1)
Over the Florida border, through the Georgia pines,
Across the hills of Tennessee to the Kentucky line,
I'll brave the Ohio river and then I'm home free
Into the land that I grew up in, the land of my family.

(Verse 2)
I could take a jet plane or I could jump a train,
But there's just something about the scenery when your motoring.
The hills are lined with autumn's leaves,
The willows shade with their melancholy canopies.

I'm gonna drive this car 'til the wheels far off,
'Til the paint peels down to the steel.
I'm gonna drive this car.
'Til I get where you are.

(Verse 3)
Call me crazy but I might take me an amish wife,
Make my living off the land and lead a simple life.
So uncomplicating, planting, cultivating.
Watching things bloom and grow from behind the garden hose.

(Verse 4)
Over the Florida border, through the Georgia pines,
Across the hills of Tennessee to the Kentucky line,
I'll brave the Ohio river and then I'm home free
Into the amber waves of grain, the land of my family.


Welcome to Your Twenties LP - Released May 2008

Set List

Drive - 2.59
Leta - 3.28
Get a Real Job - 3.26
Recruit - 3.32
Remedies - 2.44
Dear Kathleen - 4.58
Liverpool - 4.27
Brotheltowne - 3.18
Mr. Undertaker - 3.52
Gamble - 3.35
A Day at the Park - 4.06
What I Begin - 3.48