The Wednesday Campaign

The Wednesday Campaign

 Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, USA


The Wednesday campaign, known as Accidentally on Purpose at the time, was formed from the young students of a common guitar teacher, Patrick Crowling. It was comprised of Josh Wiley and Noah Cutler on guitar and Dan Watson on drums. The band was officially a "program", but this quickly became purely nominal, as they quickly blossomed into a true band. Two years after their formation, the band received a new guitarist- Josh Klag, another student of Patrick's. At the time, Accidentally on Purpose had written a couple of original songs, but was chiefly a cover band. For a few following years the band struggled to find a singer, as vocalists were cycled in and out of the band. Eventually, as Josh Wiley was beginning to grow as a bass player, Josh Klag began to fill the role as permanent lead singer. With this singing came composition- Josh Klag began to write tons of music (very little of which actually got finished) and the band became a true original band. This was also when the name was changed to The Wednesday Campaign (based on a period of about a year when everybody wanted to have practice on Wednesday but one of them wasn't able to).
The next year, Patrick Crowling was able to get The Wednesday Campaign some time in Retro City Studios in Philadelphia, where the band recorded their first album, "Business Casual". Four months later, the band celebrated the album's iTunes release.


"Business Casual"- Available on iTunes, Spotiify, and Amazon mp3