The Weekend Hiatus

The Weekend Hiatus

 South Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

What do you get when you mix a stroppy perfectionist, an irratable leader, a sweet classical musician and a bogan caveman? Hilarious alt-rock in the style of Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails.


The Weekend Hiatus is an metaphor by name and a contradiction by nature. With such varying styles and influences, you would think it couldn't work. But it does, on many, many levels.

Tireless song-writer, frontman and guitar player Thomas Gillespie has a need to write about things. Strange things, yet things nonetheless. He also had the convenience of his sister Kate, who just happened to be a straightforward, hard-working, jazz-influenced bass player. After recruiting resident thumper Ben Crock (who starts by being influenced by Foo Fighters, Vampire Weekend and Pendulum, and ends by hitting things), they also nabbed classically trained keys player Sophie Gleeson.
The mix is varied, but never confused. What you get is a rock band without a need for eye makeup. A band without pretentious lyrics or internal troubles.
Just heavy rock, that's good for the soul.


Album: John Q. Citizen (2011) TBA

Set List

Violent Violet
It's An Episode
Another Day To Forget
How The War Was Won
Blood The Child