Weight Of Gravity

Weight Of Gravity


The Weight OF Gravity is a powerful High energy rock outfit that hails from central Massachusetts. Well constructed songs with deep, penetrating lyrics, driving rhythms and powerful harmonies will grab any crowds attention the world over.


Over the past three years The Weight of Gravity has certainly honed in on their craft. Hours of rehearsal and a rigorous performing schedule have sharpened their act. The music can be described as a soaring sound scape. Tonal qualities that resemble a spectrum of color. Moving, funky, and very easy to dance to. The Weight of Gravity's music will be a fine addition for an upbeat good time.
The influences of The Weight of Gravity range from acts such as Pink Floyd, Dave Matthews Band, The Beatles, David Bowie, to Peter Gabriel.
They have shared the stage with a number of International, National, as well as regional acts. Including Project Object, Jim Weider's Project Percolator (Formerly of The Band), The Hermanators (featuring Rodney Holmes, formerly of Santana), Strangefolk, U-Melt, Max Creek, Jediah, and a host of other talented acts.
The Weight of Gravity has been performing at renowned clubs in the Northeast such as, The Artist Development Complex and Mill St. Brews in Southbridge, MA, Tammany Hall in Worcester, MA, The Webster Theater in Hartford, CT, The Bull Finch Yacht Club in Boston, MA, as well as Da Funky Phish In Long Island, NY. These are just a few venues Weight of Gravity frequently plays. Traveling has never been an issue. Weight of Gravity makes a point to spread their good times, good vibes, and powerful emotional music as far as physically possible.
Their performances have landed them acclaim in realm of television and radio. Weight of Gravity has been a featured artist on Joey Stuckey's Fifteen Minutes Of Fame which airs out of Atlanta. Also they have been working in close partnership with Evolving Artist, an online music site which features many talented acts all over the globe.
The Weight of Gravity's performances allowed them to win The Wormtown Battle of the Bands this past spring. The honor was given to them to have an evening slot immediately following Strangefolk at the Strange/Creek festival coordinated by Wormtown Trading Of Worcester, MA. They we're also honored with the "best up and comers" award by The Pulse Magazine for 2008 as well as "best groove act" in the Worcester Magazines music awards.

Their debut CD "The Weight of Gravity" displays the groups eclectic mix of Solid Rock/Pop songs such as "Someone" and "Citywalk". Moody and Progressive numbers like "Spirits" and "Good Enough". As well as driving and jazzy songs like "Soular" and "Bitterside". What stands out the most on this release besides the considerable musicianship is the powerful vocal harmonies abundant on the CD. Their lyrics have been dubbed "Positive" and "Cerebral" taking the listener on many different journeys while still being accessible to a large audience,both young and old


Weight Of Gravity's original music can be heard at www.myspace.com/weightofgravity. Or through this electronic press kit. Our debut album can be purchased through cdfreedom.com or right on our myspace page through our nimbit omt located at the top of our page.

Set List

A typical set consists of originals as well as covers. A current list of covers includes, Fame (David Bowie), Steam (Peter Gabriel), Love Song (The Cure), Boogie On Reggae Woman (Stevie Wonder, to name a few. Weight Of Gravity's sets typically run anywhere from forty five minutes to two hours, but we can accommodate up to four and a half hours.