The Weird Andys

The Weird Andys

 Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

We're a garage rock revival band. We'll melt your faces. You don't like it, suck it. You do like it, come out. We are diverse singer songwriters that write music that appeals to a large audience. With that said, it's guitar rock period. IN YO FACE!!! You like that, you'll love us.


Through ages, nay centuries, nay decades, nay months of toiling at open mic nights, Josh and Matt made the ultimate decision. We must form a band. We must melt faces! We must rock the Universe!!!

On a dark scary night under the light of a laptop tuned to a craigslist ad, one recently moved to East Tennessee, Rich Heinzenberger was in awe of an ad so persuasive, so beautifully stated that he had to look. He had to discover more.

Toiling away on his computer, Nathan spoke deeply within himself. There must be more. There must be something greater for me. Look, over there. That weird guy with long hair. What is he doing? Is it possible amongst all possibilities that he has a band? Could that band be named something like The Weird Andys?

And thus began the beautiful story that is The Weird Andys. And though we have humble beginnings, we shall triumph gloriously on the stage with our raging guitars and clinched fists!!

We have thus far completed one full length album, and are a number of songs into a second one. We are awesome. I can't say anymore. Listen to the music. Call us. Day or night. We shall rock your soul! The Weirdness of Andy shall carry on. We will not forget. GLORY!

Weird Matt - 865-805-0142


Album One - Pretty Picture

Set List

Skull and Bones - TWA
In the Know - TWA
Pretty Picture - TWA
Ramble On - TWA
Friends - TWA
Feelin Fine - TWA
Pavement Pound - TWA
Murder Song - TWA
Slow Train - TWA

Hardest Button to Button - The White Stripes
10am Automatic - The Black Keys
Notion - Kings of Leon
Crawl - Kings of Leon
All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix
Hey Hey What Can I Do - Led Zepplin
Rock and Roll - Led Zepplin
Cinnamon Girl - Neil Young