The Weirdies

The Weirdies

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

To quote a recent review, "Imagine Betty Boop fronting the Ramones. Throw in a bit of The and you’re close." We're a female-fronted, three-piece garage punk band known for our high-energy live shows.


Comprised of former members of the Tijuana Bibles and The Threat, The Weirdies released their first record, The Weirdies in 3D, in 2008. Exclaim described it as "fun, loud, raunchy and flat-out awesome," having "the swagger of the Detroit Cobras and the classic riffs of the MC5." The Montreal Mirror gave it 8/10, calling it “Drags-style snotty garage punk with flourishes of trashy rock ’n’ roll à la's"

After two more years of high-energy live shows, The Weirdies released their sophomore album, Volatile, in November 2010. Their second outing sees the Toronto garage-punks exploring the unstable world of love gone bad. From "Breakup Breakdown" to "I'm On Fire (But You're No Match)," the 13 tracks capture the late-night desperation of jaded lovers come unhinged, their neuroses tempered with a frantic, bopping beat - much like adding sugar to the bitterest of pills.

Though heartbreak is universal, Minx's high-energy, high-octave vocals are anything but. Once compared to "Betty Boop fronting the Ramones," she's a demented femme fatale on the prowl for sex ("Friends With Benefits"), sedation ("Going Crazy") and revenge ("X-Ray Eye"). With additional lead vocals by string attacker Brad Reinhardt and primitive pounder Stacey Case, Volatile is 28 minutes of breakneck boy-girl harmonies, ripping guitar riffs and danceable drum beats.

A recent 4-star review in Toronto alt-weekly NOW Magazine called Volatile "loud, fast and snotty...the soundtrack to a rock ’n’ roll dance party." Fans of The Buzzcocks, X and The's will find a lot to love here.

Recently, The Weirdies have played with Shonen Knife, Jon Spencer's Heavy Trash, The Sadies and Bob Log III.


The Weirdies In 3D (June 2008)
Volatile (November 2010)

Set List

35 minutes, 12-14 original songs.