The Weisenheimers

The Weisenheimers

 Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Founded in the winter of 2006, The Weisenheimers are Little Rock, Arkansas' premier punk pop act. Combining tight rhythms and infectious melodies, an amalgamation of early punk style with modern sensibilities appealing to all ages and backgrounds. Hear what you've been missing, tell your friends.


Formed by a secret executive order in 2006 to combat the dearth of punk rock in the Little Rock area, the Weisenheimers deliver power pop as no one else can. Founding members Karle Johnson (bass) and Ian McQueen (guitar) have been joined by Bryce Phillips (drums) and Justin McGoldrick (guitar) to deliver a truly original Little Rock experience. With influences including the Ramones, Screeching Weasel, and Teenage Bottlerocket, the catchy, sing-along hooks and powerful melodies stick in your brain and will ruin your concentration for days. The band is in production on their second album to follow up 2008's epononymous debut. Until then, look to catch them turning a town to rubble near you.

"Serious unruliness with a catchy beat and a smirk" -- Shea Stewart, Sync Weekly, Little Rock, AR

"Some of the most fun musicians to see in Little Rock" -- Lizzie Burnham,

"Wait, what?" -- Tom, Apartment 4G, Little Rock, AR



Written By: The Weisenheimers

Woke up this morning with a sudden urge to walk
So I hitched up my Chucks and went to your house right around the block
It's time to get up and get into trouble
It's time to turn this town into rubble, oh yeah

Come on baby put your Converse on
Come on baby put your Converse on
You know that you want to have some fun
So come on baby put your Converse on

And you know everything is gonna be alright
We're going to have some fun tonight
Come on, what do you say
Let's go out today
We'll take what they've shown us and throw it all away


2008: The Weisenheimers
2010: Amplitude (in production)

Set List

Variable length as needed for 30-75 minute set list. Further adjustments available on request. Please notify us if venue is not equipped with a PA system. Merch available for point of sale counters.