The Wej

The Wej


Rock into jam universe. Two lead guitars with super drums/bass make for an ever evolving sound.Each player has the ability to go were he hasn't gone before to create music on the spot.Excellent original songs.Crowd pleasing covers with the WEJ sound.


Our Story is you need to hear us to help tell the story.Music on the spot.Take any song and make it a WEJ song.Obvious influences are the Grateful Dead/Allman Bros./Neil Young/Pink Floyd..Loud/Quiet anything in between.Play what you feel/hear.Take what you know and make it your own.It's all there for you.We all have our own individual sound and way of doing things.You'll never know until you try it.We've all come from different places to create THE WEJ.(east coast/midwest/Portland)
It's the chemistry thing.When you have it you know.
Sometimes the only way to describe it is to listen.
Original members Bob / Dave have been playing together for 8-9 years now.George for 4-5 years.
Carey for 2-3 years.
We have played West coast(Calf,ORe./Wash.)


CD hasn't been released yet.
Song list for CD :
The Hermit
Froze in Time
Intro (instrumental)
Holdin' On
Stop All The Madness
Sea of Emotion
City Lights
Deep Elum Blues >
New Speedway Boogie >

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Set List

Set lists are never the same.
Can go 1 -1 1/2 or straight through 2- 2 1/2 hours
Original songs:
Froze in Time
The Hermit
Holdin' On
Find Direction
Faces in the Trees
Stop All The Madness
Sea of Emotion
City Lights
Heaven Knows
Grow Wise
The Mystery
Man of the Road
The Forest (Coming Out )
Dead stuff
Allman Bros.
Pink Floyd (ECHOES)
Neil Young
Bob dylan
Doors (L.A.Woman)
Rory Gallager
Greg Brown,Clapton,etc.
Do what You Like
Can be almost anything
Forever evolving