The Welfare Liners

The Welfare Liners

 Athens, Georgia, USA

The Welfare Liners come together from the eclectic Athens, GA music scene. They combine contemporary and traditional influences to create a brand of bluegrass that has earned praise from young and old.

Band Press

The Welfare Liners on Squidbillies – Flagpole Magazine, Athens, GA

Fans of the twisted Adult Swim 'toon "Squidbillies" know that Early Cuyler don't take no junk from no one. So it's surprising that the little North Georgia cephalopod reacted this kindly to the idea of a bunch of folks reworking the theme song he penned. Above, watch a new commercial calling for folks to do just that—though, as evidenced by the spot, it's something many musicians have already been doing, including Athens' own Welfare Liners.

To see the entire 30-second "Squidbillies" theme as performed by TWL, click over here. It's damn good! Even Early must be proud.

Straight Up Bluegrass – Athens Banner-Herald, Athens, GA

The Welfare Liners (straight up bluegrass) play the Melting Point tomorrow night and they've got a new album of banjo-fueled tunes they're itching to let y'all know about.

Self-titled EP – Eddie's Attic, Decatur, GA

The Welfare Liners debut, a six song self-titled EP, was released on mandolin player, Russ Hallauer's Ghostmeat Records, and shows the band's appreciation for traditional bluegrass while pushing the boundaries with their more contemporary influences. Their hand-crafted bluegrass stands out on stage as the band's harmonies and instrumental prowess weave and whirl into the spectacle that is The Welfare Liners.