The Western

The Western

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

The Western is a rock and roll band of men who currently reside in the great city of Chicago.


Throughout the spring and summer of 2011, The Western recorded their debut album, The Damp Times, at Chicagos Rax Trax Recording. What surfaced is a document of the first, brief era in the bands history: from the first show in March 2010, to departure of Alan Mellovitz, the bands beloved drummer, in mid-2011. The Damp Times is a snapshot of a band at the beginning, with Alans inimitable mark all over it.

The band released The Damp Times in late 2011 to literally no reviews, neither positive nor negative. As far as most of the rock music-listening Internet world is concerned, it doesnt even exist. But it does from the opening, spacey synth of Wayside to the closing, extended jam of All Encompassingly, there is most certainly an album here.

Its an album with songs big and small, though mostly big: from the anthemic charge of Two, Two, to the bittersweet gallop of Let Me Slide, to the alternative rock of Incidental Earring, it moves through its 50 minutes briskly.

Since the albums release, the band has picked up Doug Gallow to man the drums, forging a sharper, increasingly groove-based sound, while retaining the nuances that make The Damp Times unique. A new era is underway.

Our New EP is now available!


"Captain/Reminders EP" (December 2012)

"The Damp Times" - LP (October, 2011)

"Crushed, Tracks, But EP" - EP (March, 2010)

Set List

Setlists consist of original material. Covers are occasional, but never random. Setlists can range from 40-90 minutes. The longer the better!