The Western Civilization

The Western Civilization

 Houston, Texas, USA

Imagine a musical tapestry woven of truth, heartbreak, disappointment, and absolution set to electronics, organs, guitars, harmonicas, and kazoos. Add three distincly different vocalists/songwriters accepting of nothing less than raw, brutally honest lyrics. This is The Western Civilization


Remember the first time you heard your favorite song? The Universe seemed to bend down and kiss you on the forehead; so perfect it was for that exact moment in your life. Be it in a crowded, smoky venue, in your room with your shoes off, or sitting in a friends car with the windows rolled down, when you hear that song your toe will start-a-tappin and your eyes will close as your relive that perfect moment. Now take The Western Civilization’s album, Letters of Resignation, put it in your CD player, and prepare to experience that moment all over again. A musical tapestry woven of honesty, heartbreak, disappointment, and absolution, that from track to track becomes increasingly familiar, Letters of Resignation is a remarkable debut album. Forthright lyrics born of real life struggles set to sweeping melodies and catchy hooks. An exciting union of digital beats and electrified rhythms to their perfect match of breezy acoustics and ethereal harmonies, the music mirrors the duality of its main voices. The boy-girl interplay on Love Struck Angel and Bruise the Paper allows the listener to be a fly-on-the-wall for the verbal assault, the sweet kiss, and all of the unpredictable in between. Letters of Resignation is mesmerizing while catchy, fluid even in its heaviest moments, and just plain good.

The Western Civilization was born in March 2005 in the closet of Reggie O'Farrell's third ward Houston apartment out of one good tube microphone and a pocket full of good ideas. Originally started as a “studio only” side project for area songwriters O'Farrell, Rachel Hansbro, and Gretchen Schmaltz; The Western Civilization quickly became the main focus of the songwriting trio as they started to realize the undeniable quality of their studio pet project. After a bit of trial and error in the drum and bass category, drummer Anthony Schillaci and bass player Fred Nugent were enrolled as well. The distincly different vocal qualities of Rachel, Reggie, and Gretchen as well as widely different musical influences across the board lead to a popy/folky/noisy sound that was lovingly described by Houston Chronicle entertainment writer Sara Cress as “equal parts chaos and craft”. The band's debut album, Letters of Resignation, was released on March 24th 2007 and a notable amount of praise from the press shortly followed. Following the release the band began playing with national acts and playing regionally around Texas and then embarked on their first self booked national tour in October 2007. Letters received top 10 albums of 2007 honors from pretty much every list that was released in the Houston area. Touring in support of Letters continued and during 2008 landed the Civ on stage at SXSW, the Vans Warped tour, and Canada's Halifax Pop Explosion. The band is currently taking a break from touring to begin recording it's next release, but will be hitting the road again in the month of June for a short tour and a stop at the NXNE music festival in Toronto.

The Western Civilization's shows are always intense, fun, emotionally charged, and packed with suprises leaving even the most apathetic listener both emotionally and physically exhausted in thier wake. A typical Western Civ stage setup includes 3 guitars, 4 keyboards, 1 laptop, 2 harmonicas, 3 tambourines, 1 melodica, 2 shakers, 1 kazoo, 3 snare drums, bass, drums, a sampler, and by the end of the show, a whole stage full of drunken stompers and clappers.

TWC has shared a stage with nationals Tilly and the Wall, Maria Taylor, Pony Up, The Appleseed Cast, Microphones, Stars of Track and Field, Now It's Overhead, Colour Revolt, Anathallo, and Margot and the Nuclear So & So's. They have also made appearances at South By Southwest, Vans Warped Tour, and the Halifax Pop Explosion.

The Western Civilization is currently unsigned and working on a followup to their first full length album "Letters of Resignation" which was released on March 24th, 2007.


The Western Civilization :: EP (2006), Mia Kat Empire Vol 1. (2006), Letters of Resignation (2007)

Set List

Tie Me Up
Reggie Goes to War
Revelations 21:8
The Things We Can't Deny
Your Ugly Heart
Letters of Resignation
The Medic
Bruise the Paper
Love Struck Angel
The Sun Will Rise...