The Western Front

The Western Front



The Western Front is an electronic rock and roll group from Iowa City, IA. They have played over 200 shows on 4 national tours - including The Warped Tour. They a 3 member group employing a plethora of instruments - including guitar, keys, mandolin, bass guitar, trumpet and sax, electronic and acoustic beats, and more. Their set includes the Livingroom Lamp Light show. They are embarking on a 3-month 2008 summer tour.



Written By: The Western Front

Oh, we sat warm and bundled between two lurking smoke-stained carved up dead trees. Wood tall backs and a pitcher of Pabst - reading the warning on the cigarette pack.
Laughing and laughing we sat - talking and talking. I was feeling the peach smoke flow in through my wonderful teeth and finally into my veins - pouring through those dark dirty hall ways. Like a Nightmare on Elm Street - scraping the walls as the gray streaks passed through parting my blood like the Red Sea - leading the way to the heart. I suppose that's where this whole 'love' jazz starts.
Her black hair fell perfect as if I'd used a ruler and drew her and painted inside the lines. She said, "I'm not an atheist".
So, after an hour of much deliberation we decided that all we know for sure is that we-do-not-know-for-sure.

We started something simple. It ended in a wave of confusion when we should have just stayed at the base.

"My candle burns at both ends
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends -
It gives a lovely light" - edna st. vincent millay


'Go To Your Desire; Don't Hang Around Here' - 12 song full length released 2004