The West

The West


Rock and Roll. A lightning bolt trapped inside a stick of dynamite that is burning down to the fuse, stuck inside a mason jar that cannot be opened. The mason jar is around friends and strangers.


Just as it's namesake can represent death, ascention, modern thought and innovation, The West grips the future tightly, delivering it to awed audiences as a spectacle of aural and visual mastery on a silver platter. The West fires on all of the world's rock cylinders with the cutting guitars and thunderous drums of bands some 40 years gone. Soaring vocals forever imprint the meaning of The West on the listeners frontal lobes as the four diligently and entertainingly press on in the manner of their forefathers. Stopping only to sell their souls at the crossroads, they remain undeterred on their crash-course to the front door of the rock and roll pantheon.

Set List

She Don't Need
Such a Shame
Compliment Takers
Killing Floor (Howlin' Wolf)
I Just Wanna Make Love (Muddy Waters)
Tough Life
Acoustic Medley
(Fits a 45 minute set)