The Wet Spots

The Wet Spots


We do kinky sex comedy songs. Lovely old-fashioned ditties with lyrics about the joys of lube, threesomes, and taking it up the bum.


Imagine a society where sexuality is not hidden, but celebrated. Imagine a bisexual husband-and-wife team performing love songs for this society. Now imagine them transplanted into our world, singing jazzy show tunes about masturbation, dildo smugglers, and taking it in the bum.

The Wet Spots (Cass King and John Woods) write unflinchingly frank lyrics paired with sweet, catchy pop melodies. They are known for their lively, up-tempo shows, which involve sing-along, spankings, and bawdy sex ed. Their enthusiasm is contagious. Audience members often tell stories about finding themselves in the bank lineup, absentmindedly singing “smack my bottom!” “It’s not dirty music” says Woods “It’s sexy. It’s real. Actually, sometimes it’s wishful thinking, but what the hell?”

The act, which started in Vancouver as cabaret entertainment for stoners, queers, and perverts, has caught the attention of the general public. When the Wet Spots ventured onto the comedy club circuit, they were amazed at the enthusiastic reception they got. “We discovered, much to our delight, that we’re not as weird as we thought,” says King. “We’re just outspoken about things that most people conceal.”

Recently relocated to Toronto, with a new critically acclaimed musical, Sing Your Way to Better Sex, and a song Do You Take It (in the Ass?) licensed for Showtime hit The L Word), The Wet Spots’ influence is clearly spreading.


EP - Ribbed for Pleasure

Song: "Do You Take It (In The Ass?) licensed to Showtime hit *The L Word* - 2nd season 2005

Song: "Wherever You're Going (I'd Like to Come)" licensed to Womyns' Ware Inc for national TV commercials on W network and Discovery Channel.

Song: "Texas Annie" licensed to Discovery Channel for tv show *Beyond Invention*

Set List

We perform about an hour of original music with a bit of standup comedy and slapstick gags.

Do You Take It (In the Ass?)
Threeway Rendezvous
Piggy Pile
Sweaty and Stinky (and Covered in Lube)
Smack my Bottom
The Kinky Neighbour Song
The Masturbation Singalong
Lip Licky Licky
Texas Annie
Wherever You're Going (I'd Like to Come)
Public Service Announcement