The Whammies

The Whammies


Fall in line, frat boys! The Whammies are the finest full-on frat fivesome since Phil and the Frantics funnel-chugged a finkload of Falstaff frug sauce one Friday at the Hideout! Stick THAT in yer clam and tonsil it! BEAT ON THE FRAT!


The Whammies are five anatomy students from the University of Jimmycrack Corn. They were expelled from the college for counterfeiting meal vouchers and scalping tickets to the cheerleaders' tryouts. Their motto: OMNI FERMENTVM BONVM. They all hope to grow up someday. All Whammies are members of the Gormvale Yodelling Club, the Neutrino Appreciation Society, the Bovine Disequilibrium Club, and are certified Grapeseed Spitters and Competitive Nozzle Cloggers. Fluent in Esperanto, they know how to meet girls, pick up girls and "make girls want you!" ( but they're not telling how). All of them major in Corn Cracking, and are currently recovering from sobriety at the Betty Page clinic for an intensive four-week toxification program. On the whole, a good bunch best left forgotten.


One gatefold accordion folder set of five seven-inch 45 RPM four-track mono masterpieces whose release has been held back due to ongoing legal action!

Set List


Swami River (traditional)
Hide And Seek
That's Cool That's Trash
Snake Oil Man*
Little Sally Tease
Give Her Lovin'
Funnel Chug*
I'm A Hog For You
Jenny Lee
Do It Sittin' Down*

(beer break)

I Cream On Jeannie (traditional)
Chatter Chatter*
Why Don't You Love Me
I’m A Dogman*
Jolly Green Giant
New Orleans
Rockin' Behind The Iron Curtain
I Need Somebody
Double Whammy
Whammy Stomp!*

* - denotes "original" material, though the word "original" is used in its loosest sense.